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Britney Spears Born To Make You Happy Lyrics

Last updated: 05/29/2013 06:24:17 PM

I'm sitting here alone up in my room
And thinking about the times that we've been through (oh my love)
I'm looking at a picture in my hand
Trying my best to understand
I really want to know what we did wrong
With a love that felt so strong
If only you were here tonight
I know that we could make it right

I don't know how to live without your love
I was born to make you happy
'Cause you're the only one within my heart
I was born to make you happy
Always and forever you and me
That's the way our life should be
I don't know how to live without your love
I was born to make you happy

I know I've been a fool since you've been gone
I'd better give it up and carry on (oh my love)
'Cause living in a dream of you and me
Is not the way my life should be
I don't want to cry a tear for you
So forgive me if I do
If only you were here tonight
I know that we could make it right

[Repeat CHORUS]

I'd do anything, I'd give you my world
I'd wait forever, to be your girl
Just call out my name, and I will be there
Just to show you how much I care

[Repeat CHORUS]

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wow this song is awesome thanks britney | Reviewer: dona | 5/29/13

This song make my day me and my boyfriend broke up so my bestfriend play this song for me it was just so cool I was crying but now I know boys are just don't know what to say but thanks britney u are awe

Bri bri brit salute 2 ya | Reviewer: STANLEY BOBIAN | 4/24/12

Maself i don't know what kind ov problem whch faced britney up to write these lyrics bt all in all i'll never forget you as long i'll never forget thc song because whenever i'ws done my mistake for my lady 'loureen' the 1st word she's tel me z "am i here to make you happy or sad?" bt da ans was dis song

Britney is a legend | Reviewer: gorkem | 2/23/12

One of the best songs ever.. Britney rocks.. She is still great,she's a legend.. I am a huge fan since 1998, and i cannot stop listening Femme Fatale right now.. Go Britney u rock!

crush on the piano melody | Reviewer: mermone | 6/29/11

my favorite part of this song is after the part of "I'd do anything, I'd give you my world
I'd wait forever, to be your girl
Just call out my name, and I will be there
Just to show you how much I care"

i know it's just a short melody but i don't know why i fell in love with this one :D

love u briteny | Reviewer: Animesh | 12/30/10

whatever u do i always loved u, i appreciate the way u stand strong for everything in your life. hey wanna see u rocking again in this world baby. hey wanna say something:

I don't know how to live without your love
I was born to make you happy
'Cause you're the only one within my heart
I was born to make you happy

kyle gallner rox!!! | Reviewer: michellebdcn | 8/24/10

I know that this has nothing to do with britney but Kyle Gallner is my idol. He is so fucking hot!! He is like the worlds best actor ever. He played an awesome Flash in smallville. And he was the sexiest actor in Haunting In Connecticut. And he was the hottest emo ever in Jennifers Body!! If you guys want to see a good actor it is him. He is the best. I am in love with him, he is 23yrs now and yet he is still fine, He has the most appealing voice and the sexiest smile in the whole universe!! I love you KYLE!!! From; Michelle, at; add me.

uzbekistan | Reviewer: Aziza | 6/22/10

I agree with all of ya she was a star she is still a star i think of curz she made some mistakes but she carried it over already and now she is back again and famous whenever she comes back she just bombs like star her songs are very nice and taken from real life i luv her and her songs especially this song. Good luck take care :)

_ozge_ | Reviewer: ozge | 3/7/10

she's till a star of mine ..everything changes and she changed too (sad)..but her voice still same. ı wısh we were at 1999 (fresh britney fresh songs) she was my idol!
love you bit i wish you can read all these comments.good luck for u and ur kids!

Oh Plz!! | Reviewer: Melissa | 1/22/10

I agree! I would love 2 see that Britney but she grew up shes not that 17 year old anymore shes 28!! and you need 2 remember that!!!!!!!
I learned alot when i saw her documentary! Before I was like Why is she doin all this but now i understand !! YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!! so sadd!

xox Love you britneyy

macedonija loves you <3 | Reviewer: macedonija | 11/14/09

I am frem Macedonija and I think that the old Britney was so much better.The old songs were great
and in mu opinion i think she should make songs like the old1s cause they make her famous.I am not interested in hearing of womanizer cause it doesnt make any sense.Love the old Britney back :)
Greethings from Macedonija love you all :-)

i love this girl she really is just mine idol <3 | Reviewer: this girl makes us happy | 7/7/09

Britney Spears have talent and that can nobody change because she is a STAR and that´s forever and ever. i love this girl because she is nice and she is a great singer she sings good and im like in love with her but i am a girl im not in love with her like that u know lesbian i love her like my own sister cause she is the BEST and that´s the way it is <3 not just a FAN ! <3

Britney was born to m ake us happy!!!!!!! | Reviewer: marina(from Greece) | 6/5/09

I just adore this song or should every song of her! She's my idol i love her specially her music! I don't care about what people say about her because whatever she does i will support her!She's just so amazing!!! And the fact that she got over almost all of her problems is exciting and make me love her more.I listen to Britney's music since I was only 3. And i will always do.

Love. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/09

I love this song, because all this things are in my life.I love one person, but one day I saw him with another girl and my heart was broken. I have this song in Lithuanian, because I'm Lithuanian. And if I heard this song I weep. But this song is unreal.

brit brit lov ya ur the best!! in everyway! | Reviewer: cassandra | 12/15/08

i dont kno how u do it girl but im happy u hang in there and stay strong get back into the swing of things and do wat u do best good 4 sorry about everything every1 says thats not nice ...i always back u up and always will i dont care what u do its not my bisness and its not any1s haterzz thats what people are!! lov ya !!!

britney | Reviewer: miss anonymous | 11/14/08

In my opinion, I think Britney is a talented singer and a wonderful person. I know y'all say you like the "old" Britney cause she was innocent & etc.. but she's only human. Its her life, her mistakes. This is what fame does to you when you have everyone watching every move you make. Its reality, lets face it. Britney isn't perfect and no one is. perfect is a figment of our imagination -- therefore it does not exist. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is people change. The innocent Britney that we want back has grown. She's gonna make mistakes and learn from them. Its stress and pressure that makes her do stuff she regret in the future. Sometimes, when people are too.. stressed or unhappy they do stupid shit. It happens. Y'all just got to see the stupid mistakes Brit made cause helloooo she's famous. She was the papparazzi on her ass litterally. Its hard to be "perfect" for the world 24/7. They only focus on her flaws cause that's what ppl find amusing. Other than that, her music is straight as long as she has her life together. And for the people who has judged her and bashed her because of her mistakes.. they're just stupid. Because you can't say anything unless you know the whole story to it.