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Bob Dylan Bob Dylan's Blues Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2014 09:53:29 AM

Well, the Lone Ranger and Tonto
They’re ridin' down the line...
Fixin' everybody's troubles;
Ev'rybody's 'cept mine.
Somebody must have told them
That I was doin' fine.

Oh you five and ten cent women
With nothin' in your heads,
I got a real gal I'm lovin'
I'll love her till I'm dead.
Go away from my door and window, too.
My love for her is true.

Lord, I ain't goin' down to no race track
See no sports car run
I don't have a sports car
And I don't care to have one
I can walk around the block,
And sail away on my boat from the dock.

Well, the wind keeps a-blowin' me
Up and down the street
With my hat in my hand
And my boots on my feet
While I look for silver linings
For victory, instead of defeat.

Well, look here buddy
You want to be like me
Keep movin’ on with hope for a better day,
Ask the good Lord to show the way, and pray
To be ready for that special day.
May the Blood of Jesus wash all your sins away.
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