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Day26 Bipolar Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2009 11:00:00 AM

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Verse (Will):
Girl, what do you want me to do
Do you want me to stay, do you want me to wait
I'm not a pendulum for you to sway
Sometimes you dark as night, sometimes you're bright as day
So which extreme do you wanna choose
(North, South, East to West you caught the worst of whose the best)
Look what you have done to my mental state
I'm going through an episode, watch out I think it's too late

CRAZY! I think I lost my mind today
But to my dismay I've been led a stray, cuz you betrayed me
And baby, you cause all kinds of disarray (disarray to you and me)
She can't make up her mind, I swear this is my last time
See I can't control her, I guess she's bi-bi-bipolar

Verse (Robert):
Girl if you knew just how much I love you
(Hmmm but the way you been acting lately, got me questioning if it's true)
But you didn't know nothing about that boo
Hold that thought, imma throw you a clue
And maybe you'll see my point of view
My diagnosis of the illness that affects you, could put our lives at stake
Look what you've done to my mental state
I'm going through an episode, watch out I think it's too late


She's sufferin' I know, she's I know
She swing both ways yeah she bi, got me wonderin' why
Why why why is shorty bi bi bi
She's suffein' I know, she's I know
I'm not gonna tell a lie, I wanna be your guy
You gotta hit the road, before I lose control


And she's suffering from it
And I don't know what to do
Girl, what's wrong with you

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