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He had enough
He couldn't take anymore
He'd found a place
In his mind and slammed the door
No matter how they tried
They couldn't understand
They washed and dressed him
Fed him by hand

Yeah! I've left the world behind
I'm safe here in my mind
Free to speak with my own kind
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you

Withdrawn he'd sit there
Stare blank into space
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No sign of life
Would flicker on his face
Until one day he smiled
It seemed as though with pride
The wind kissed him
Goodbye - and then he died

Yeah! I've left the world behind
I'm safe here in my mind
Free to speak with my own kind
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you

Keep the world with all its sin
It's not fit for livin' in
Yeah! I will start again
It can take forever, and ever, and ever
And ever, but I'll still win.

[SOLO (Glenn)]

How many like him,
Are there still
But to us, all
Seem to have lost the will
They lie in thousands
Plagued and lost
Is nothing worth this bitter cost

Yeah! I've left the world behind
I'm safe here in my mind
Free to speak with my own kind
This is my life, this is my life
I'll decide not you

Keep the world with all its sin
It's not fit for livin' in

[SOLO (K.K.)]

Beoynd the realms of death.

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Beyond the Realms of Tact | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

Bernie, that's the biggest load of manure I've heard in a long time. The first thing you could do is avoid calling people assholes while you claim you are trying to help them.

You say you won't patronize him, and then you do just that. Not cool. Unprofessional. I hope I NEVER run across a stereotypical psych like you: the kind that get into the field because of their own problems.

As far as the song, it's classic. It's about whatever the listener perceives it is.

Bernie | Reviewer: julian fairbanks | 1/8/10

Bernie,son, we're only here for a short space of time so please get it together - you're story is very sad. I'm a psychologist - yeah, I know, one of them. You've probably seen hundreds of us. I'm not one of them (stereotypical) and I'd love to help. You have my email.
And WE all take up space, asshole. Join a charity if u feel so useless - old folk are a good one - I'm not gonna patronise you, but it will add a sense of worth to your life instead of maudlin on useless medication. Beating depression is like quitting smoking - you have to really want to beat it. Give me a email. Julian Fairbanks

Something else... | Reviewer: Bernie | 11/26/09

This song which I saw them perform live in 1984 or 85 I think meant something different to me.

First I grew up in a military family and spend my teen years in Europe.

As such I had this feeling of never belonging, I never fit in with the military brats but did not belong back home either.

For most of those years I existed nothing more.

I neither loved nor hated I just was there.

I have the ability now to stop feeling. I can be in love one day and feel nothing towards that person the next.

I can exist once again feeling nothing. I agree with | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/08 that this describe depression. You are just dead but as a teen I did not see it for what it was.

I lived my life and still am a sufferer of depression some 20+ years later. No one I know can understand this feeling even the people I grew up with that I now find on the Net

My parents did not see it then. I have highs and lows but overall just exist. Medicine has done nothing for me.

That is what this song will always be to me is existing and nothing more no feelings or emotion just being there and taking up space.

As for the kids killing themselves... BULL!@#$

These kids would have killed themselves anyways this was just what they related too. Seem Ozzy Judas Preist and others cannot escape that they sing the perfect song for what the kids feel and a couple that would have offed themselves anyways quote them they blame our music. Screw you all that think this way.

Peru IN 2009

yeah! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/09

this song is something i can connect with and for me go's vary deep it has a strong seance of emotion and a some what dark feeling in the words like an experience that is told out its a great song, sort of mystical and shares the same quality's that are similar to that of "dream deceiver" and of Iron Maidens-"hollowed be thy name"

Clinical depression described perfectly. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/08

I've had major depression and "Beyond the realms of death" is exactly how I felt inside. I could eat tiny amounts, but that's all. I wanted to die, but I couldn't. I woke up every morning wondering why I was still alive & wishing I hadn't woken up.

Great Song | Reviewer: Campbell | 5/23/08

I remember hearing a live version of this in about 1987 and kept it on tape - never heard that version again. Much better than the studio version.

Also Better By You was the song that the previous guy was talking about. The old Spooky Tooth song which was on Stained Class

The stigma behind one of thier best... | Reviewer: Paul White | 1/21/08

So sad that this song for many of us has to be associated with 2 young men taking thier lives in a suicide pact after a night of drunken partying. Sad for them and sad for the members of Judas Priest. Those kids didn't know what they were doing - then again, maybe they did; only they know what it's like to be Beyond The Realms Of Death. My point is that the Priest should have absolutely no remorse or guilt over an incident totally beyond thier control. Take all your over-analyzed theories about "hidden" messages and "backwards lyrics" and shove it. It's all BS. It is what it is - what's done is done.

This song features Halford, Tipton and Downing at some of thier absolute best. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to close your eyes and simply enjoy it for what it's worth. Peace!

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