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Children Of Bodom Bed Of Razors Lyrics

Last updated: 07/10/2013 06:30:09 PM

I see the candle light burning in your
eyes, flaring up my eyes in flames
On this pitch-black summer night...
of passion and pain

The razor caressed my flesh
and my arms turned red, I feel a vast desire
Years of pain are flowing down my arms.
Sweet, red, warm stream you drink, make me released
Give me your hand, let me make you feel the ease,
in the bed of razors we bleed together...

I feel the fire burning in my heart,
I see it sparkling in your eyes
The blaze you're feeding more and more

I feel a vast pleasure of ease, slit in the arm
The angel of pleasure and passion!

The razor caressed your flesh and your arms turned red.
I feel your vast desire
Tearing pain is flowing down your arms.
Sweet, red, warm stream I drink to make you released
Holding your arms, cherish this composure,
in the bed of razors we sleep together, forever...

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fucki'n arguing | Reviewer: pravesh | 7/10/13

hEy guyz,it's not tHE way To arGuing WitH eaCh otHer,u Oll guyz aRe bLinDLy sAy That It's emo metal core,hardcore and bla,bla,bla...CoB is mIxTure Of meLodic dEath mEtal And bLack mEtal.I haVe hEard to CoB aLL tHe TimE,and iT's mY fAvoutrite too.mY saLute to aLexi's performance in every cOb's song..aNd i wana SaY that(nO aLexi nO cHildren oF bodOm).I miss u aLexi.

holyshit | Reviewer: ALEX | 3/25/11 all metal listners.....i love rape game too much but from last 3-4 months i listening cob's songs....n now it is my favourite song...coz bed of razor is a song to those noob girls to give them a fuckin shit who doesn't knows the meanin of love but stuck on with us ...n just sucks ur lyf.....ya...

Thanks alexi... | Reviewer: MetalmaniA | 1/28/11

Its hard to play the riffs from this song n alexi is awesome shredder...this band makes the metal melodic with combination of key board n guitar,alexi has great power to make the song melodic with guitar riffs.may god also give me such power to play the metal in melodic way.THANKS COB esp. Alexi....,.. .

Nice | Reviewer: SKiLLz | 12/29/09

I'm just getting into this band, but this song is pretty sweet. Immediately the guitar reminds of of guitar hero, since it sounds pretty fucking complex. I remember my friend playing one of COBs songs on guitar before I got into them at all: Chinky

This Song Makes a Mess in my Pants :| | Reviewer: Petter | 9/30/09

I believe that CoB is more power metal than metal or death metal but deep down I really dont care what genre they are this band is Godlike and i wish they would come back to NZ. The in my favourite song by them and it sounds even better live. If you don't have the live version im crying for you. Go out and get it now!! xD

cob are the best | Reviewer: crusader | 9/10/09

i listened to children of bodom 2 years ago at the begining i thougt it was a emo band... but then listening to other of their songs i realised that they were metal heavy metal death metal.. so now its my favourite band ever my dream is to play all their songs with my electical guitar :D cob is the reason i started listening to metal;)

Bed of razors | Reviewer: Lucifer the Bringer of Light | 1/3/09

Pre-scriptum:sorry for my english,I'm russian. To begin with,it's my favourite song of COB.The first time I heard this band was in 2007 year,autumn.The guy I had fallen in love with(it was the first and the one time in my life) gave me the disk,it was one of his favourite bands.I liked it.2 months later he left me,when I called him and another girl answered...It was a greatest dissillusion!Later we began to date again,but the situation repeated.For me,bed of razors is the best song about love,it's like he was drinking my blood.I still love him.And he is the only one for me.

HERE'S HELP FOR TOKYO WARHEARTS | Reviewer: Death Proverb | 5/25/08

lol yes alexi is fatigued, so it sounds all jumbeled but i think he says: alright everyone, put your hands up release your pain, in the bed of razors...

this was the first song i heard by them, and now they are my favorite band... 24th of june concert in sydney? YES PLEASE!

Amazing song. | Reviewer: Massacrist | 2/4/08

this song is so amazing, don't even question it. It was written before anyone even comprehended what 'emo' was. And everyone is making assumptions. They are pretty good lyrics for CoB. They actually mean something to me.

Fckn Awesome! | Reviewer: The Crow | 1/11/08

I love this song... It's my favorite... And idk why are you all arguing about genre of this song... It's so dumb... If you like song, listen it... It doesn't matter what genre is it... And I don't understand peoples who doesn't like somebody just because of music they listen... That shit about hating emos is so dumb... If they like to cry and cut their veins that's their problem... You people should learn to accept everybody... Then maybe you'll stop arguing about genres of some song...
All in all, this song is fckin amazing... I love it... =) I'm big fan of COB and they are so great that I can't even describe it... And by the way, I don't see anything emo in this song... Yes, there is talking about blood and cutting arms but it could be metaphoric... =)


WHOA | Reviewer: x_joex_x | 12/27/07

Lol this is Hatebreeder's best song. Totally kick ass. I worship CoB so much, you all kick ass! AND UR NOT AMERICAN (w00t)Lol cant wait for CoB's new album to come out in UK (long time yet) :p

aargh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

Yea, text is a bit emo. But great song, one of my favorites for years. No woman will understand a pain she can cause, so fuck it and let's find another one :D

rocketist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

this is a great song by Chidren of know the pain of not having the one you love with you; want her together with you..the pure love you have for her..I feel the same for the one I love..she doesn't know and I just feel that I am with her in a bed of razors...i am feeling more pain because I am imagining that I am with her..and she is not in I am really fucked up.. I have no courage to tell her..cos I love her really deeply.....deep like the ocean..

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/07

First of all, this song is amazing. This and Sixpounder are my favorite songs by CoB.

Now, stop arguing about music genres. Most of you have no idea what you're talking about. First of all, metalcore is metal with elements of hardcore genres mixed in. Second, emo is a style of music which has been tainted with the general consensus that bands such as Fall Out Boy, MCR, and Panic! at the Disco are emo. They aren't emo. They're pop rock. Emo is short for emotional hardcore. Hardcore developed from punk, and when hardcore bands began to write lyrics about their personal problems, they began being called emotional hardcore. Listen to real emo music [Rites of Spring, Hot Cross], or real metalcore [Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage], before you want to put a band into either genre. Children of Bodom is melodic death metal. Just because they're a more popular melodic death metal band does not mean they are metalcore or that they are commercialised. As I said before, metalcore is metal with elements of hardcore genres mixed in, not just commercialized metal. I doubt this will actually stop any arguments, but I thought you guys might want to know a little bit about what you're arguing about.

bed of razors | Reviewer: me | 9/2/07

Emo is a music genre, not cuttin ur wrists.. that's just some shit some stupid kids did cause the wanted attention. Emo is short for emotional, and it was invented in the 80's..

Anyway, best song CoB ever made (Y). Best song ever.