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Queen Barcelona Lyrics

Last updated: 12/02/2012 09:49:46 AM

Barcelona Barcelona
Barcelona Barcelona

I had this perfect dream
-Un sueño me envolvió
This dream was me and you
-Tal vez estás aquí
I want all the world to see
-Un instinto me guiaba
A miracle sensation
My guide and inspiration
Now my dream is slowly coming true

The wind is a gentle breeze
-Él me hablo de ti
The bells are ringing out
-El canto vuela
They're calling us together
Guiding us forever
Wish my dream would never go away

Barcelona - It was the first time that we met
Barcelona - How can I forget
The moment that you stepped into the room you took my breath away
Barcelona - La música vibró
Barcelona - Y ella nos unió
And if God willing we will meet again someday

Let the songs begin
-Déjalo nacer
Let the music play
Let the voices sing
-Nace un gran amor
Start the celebration
-Ven a mí
And cry
Come alive
And shake the foundations from the skies
Ah,Ah,Shaking all our lives

Barcelona - Such a beautiful horizon
Barcelona - Like a jewel in the sun
Por ti seré gaviota de tu bella mar
Barcelona - Suenan las campanas
Barcelona - Abre tus puertas al mundo
If God is willing
-If God is willing
If God is willing
Friends until the end
Viva - Barcelona

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The Fountain | Reviewer: savta shira | 12/1/12

During recent visit to Barcelona I partook in the nightly light and sound show which this song received its inspiration. The experience moved my soul. We have lost one of the greatest performers, entertainers writers of our time. His memory is embraced in my soul. His spirit lives on. Viva Freddie!

To the person that says that Queen did not write their own songs. | Reviewer: Danielle | 10/6/11

I think that the person that should look for the credits is you.

Here you go, moron:

May and Mercury wrote most songs, the band composed it all together.
Even if Freddie was "only a singer", then, he would still deserve all the fame and love the fan gives, as there is no one person in history that equals his vocal talent and persona on stage.

The Greatest! | Reviewer: Yvonne | 4/7/11

I've been a huge fan of Queen and particularly Freddie since they first blasted the airwaves in the '70s, so I'm particularly offended by the comments of Mhiro von Hellmann about Freddie Mercury. Where are you getting your information? The man was pure genius, voice unequalled by ANYONE, songwriter, musician (remember the piano on Bohemian Rhapsody?) composer....... Barcelona belongs in the ranks of any of the classical composers. Please get your facts straight before posting absolute rubbish!!!

He was a great singer&composer&song writer too!!! | Reviewer: Anett | 12/11/09

How could you wtite such an idiotism that Freddie was only a singer???

Just to know, all of the members wrote songs, Mercury wrote ten out of the seventeen songs on the original Queen's Greatest Hits album: "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Seven Seas of Rhye", "Killer Queen", "Somebody to Love", "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy", "We Are the Champions", "Bicycle Race", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Play the Game".

Ohh, and he wrote Barcelona as well!
So google it before writing untruth!

WTF??? | Reviewer: Ajith Nair | 10/25/09

About- A reminder. | Reviewer: Mhiro von Hellmann | 10/13/09

I know he's everyone's hero but, guys open up your eyes, none of the songs of Queen were written by Freddie Mercury. He's just a singer, not a composer nor a song writer.
Just let you know... or remember

MR. Mhiro von Hellmann ? Which planet do you belong to??? Are all of them there as ignorant as you are.... and stupid too to go on and even write about it????

try spending a few pennies and buying a CD and check the credits of the bands songs...

or try taking the pain of googling on it before you post crap..

A reminder. | Reviewer: Mhiro von Hellmann | 10/13/09

I know he's everyone's hero but, guys open up your eyes, none of the songs of Queen were written by Freddie Mercury. He's just a singer, not a composer nor a song writer.
Just let you know... or remember.

Barcelona - genius | Reviewer: Rob | 10/20/08

This song is just pure genius,

The power and guile from monserat caballe mixed with the pure genius and heart pounding tongue of freddie mercury.

This will be forever a timeless great. And continue our drunken song! BARCELONA!!

Incredible | Reviewer: A1 | 2/16/08

Hey guys Freddie is the best ever and Queen are too!
He`s just THE ONE Freddie is incredible person and singer. The wolrd and we only can be sorry that he isn`t here right now!
Thank You sir for your music
Thanks Queen

Freddie Mercury <33 | Reviewer: Camilla | 1/20/08

freddie mercury will life forever in all of ours hearts ! the best music writher & singer EVER! wow, freddie mercury and Queen. They are the one and only. I LOVE QUEEN. they are the best there ever have sat there fots on this earth.
JEG ELSKER QUEEN !! (danish)

- Camilla 14years.
Denmark .

sorry for the writhing.

Baritono & Soprano: A-W-E-S-O-M-E | Reviewer: PedrixVk | 1/10/08

That's not the question.. I wish someday I could meet with Freddie Mercury wherever he is.

Freddie was touched by God's hand, nobody will ever be able to sing like him. His voice was an angel's. He was the only one.

Freddie, everybody miss you.

The show must go on.

Wow... | Reviewer: Raymond | 11/19/07

Lucia, no te conozco pero no lo pudiese haber escrito mejor yo. I was in Barcelona 6 months now back in Puerto Rico I listened to this song today ... I was back in Barcelona. Someday I will meet again with Barcelona.
Fins aviat!
Viva Barcelona!

the time of my life | Reviewer: Lucia | 11/15/07

first of all I love Queen and Freddy but when I heard this song I just think abiut the wondefull time I had in Barcelona last summer. I've been there for six months and can wait till we meet again. If you never went to Barcelona book your flight right after you rood this I can asure you whrn you and Barcelona meet you won't leave and make the same mistake I did.

A simple fact of life | Reviewer: Renato Salaberte | 10/28/07

First of all thanks for everything Freddie and Queen..You guys changed my life forever, you were and still one of the most influential rock musicians in the whole world. the spirit of queen will live forever and your legacy will last decades to come. trully genius
I just wish to all new bands to follow your foot steps and wright song´s about thenselves and the diferent periods of their lives like you did guys.
Freddie rest in peace, Brian, John and Roger well donne.

Lo mejor, | Reviewer: Pablo | 9/18/07

realmente no tuve la oportunidad de escuchar la cancion en vivo, (nacie el 1989) pero ahora soy un "adicto" a queen, y esta cancion de Freddy es tremenda,
I did't hace the opportunity tu listen to this song in live, (I was borned in 1989) but I'm an "adicted" to queen, and this song of Freddy is brilliant.

The best... no doubt | Reviewer: Laur | 7/12/07

This song has been one of my favourite songs since I heard it on TV in 1992, and I was four then. Time and time again I can listen to it again, wondering, how is it possible for such a beautyful composition to exist. And it is true, that he Freddie has one of the best and one of the most influential voices in the world. Its sad that he couldn't be there during the true triumph of the song...