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Tracy Chapman Bang Bang Bang Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 06:54:16 PM

Song for little man

What you go and do
You go and give the boy a gun
Now there ain't place to run to
Ain't no place to run

When he hold it in his hand
He feel mighty he feel strong
Now there ain't no place to run to
Ain't no place to run

One day he may come back
Repay us for what we've done
Then where you gonna run to
Where you gonna run

But one fine day
All our problems will be solved
Bang bang bang
We'll shoot him down

Give him drugs and give him candy
Anything oohhh, to make him think he's happy
And he won't ever come for us
He won't ever come

But if he does
And if there's no one else around
Bang bang bang
We'll shoot him down

If he preys only on his neighbors
Brothers sisters and friends
We'll consider it a favor
We'll consider justice done

But if he comes for you or me
And we can place a gun in his hand
Bang bang bang
We'll shoot him dead

What you go and do
You go and give the boy a gun
Now there ain't no place to run to
Ain't no place to run

Now we'll all be at his mercy
If he decides to hunt us down
Cause there ain't no place to run to
Ain't no place to run

If he wants the chances that you took from him
And nothing that you own
Then there'll be no place to run to
There'll be no place to run

And if he finds himself to be
A reflection of us all
Bang bang bang
He'll shoot us down

Before you can raise your eyes to read
The writing on the wall
Bang bang bang
He'll shoot you down

Before you can bridge the gulf between
And embrace him in your arms
Bang bang bang
He'll shoot you down

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devil song | Reviewer: Med Ali | 10/17/14

u give the boy a gun and that makes him feel mighty and strong! Now there ain't place to run to! Indeed: there is no paradise, because the evil will take the control.
One day he may come back Repay us for what we've don:yes this day will be the day of judgment the day that Allah will take the revenge to all opressed...
its satanic song that give us a deep look to the truth, this life is like a dream and goes so fast we should raise our eyes to read and see the truth that one god create us and make all what we need,he wanted to see humanity and justice till the day that we will be all in his hands, the hell and the paradise will be the awards... we are all human and we need to love each other, kick out the evil and never hear to devil and his suggest, he is the big ennemie of humanity! May God guide us all to the truth..

THIS SONG IS REALLY DEEP | Reviewer: Mabel Kamassah | 11/10/13

I believe we all have some lessons to pick in this song. We need to be mindfull of our actions during our years of immaturity for there comes maturity with a vengeance.
They don't make music like this no more. Sex, Money and drugs sell faster than deep mature reasoning and thoughts.
Our brains have been hardwired to ignore good and welcome evil, the entire system in which i even grew up in is corrupt. We can't go back and undo it but at least we have musicians like Tracy and a few others to give us a wake up call.
The time to act is NOW.
If you understand this song like i do, we can start by making change for the better of mankind including our very own generation to come.

Tracy Chapman - Bang Bang Bang | Reviewer: BenBIHB | 10/18/12

I believe that this song is about the abuse (in whatever form) of vulnerable individuals by powerful groups/hierarchies. To me 'you go and give the boy a gun' actually means 'you go and give the boy a reason/burning desire to seek revenge on you'. The song progresses to talk about how an individual would be scapegoated by the powerful group/hierarchy to justify them ruining or terminating him (to cover up what they have done). In the final part of the song, motivated by hatred, the vulnerable individual becomes as powerful as the hierarchy that abused him and takes his revenge. However, taking his revenge makes him on a par with the original abusers ('if he finds himself to be a reflection of us all, bang bang bang, he'll shoot us down'). The message at the very end of the song is to embrace others, in simple terms, to treat others as you wish to be treated by them, irrespective who or what you are.

Timeless song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/12

I love this song. It fits everywhere, Tracy might song it for the black male, but it goes everywhere in Somalia, Afghanistian, and many developing countries where they use the youth to fight for the the few cause and interns turn the gun against others and at that his opportunity goes and he will pay the price by become violent and because that is he inherit from those guys. Let us make this world a better place for the sake of us, the future generation.

Tracy chapman fan music and lyrics | Reviewer: amelia | 7/20/12

Thank you Tracy!!! I love song were you really need to listen to the lyrics to figure out the story behind the music. This song bang bang bang… gives you a clear understanding of what happens in the war stricken countries (because of a dictatorship, poverty, religion, civil, ect.). These male children are taken from their homes and are forced to kill off their families with “guns”. If they do not kill their families they are killed themselves. They are thereafter drugged, beaten, brainwashed” to think the killing with a gun is fine. They are given “candy” and other luxuries (3 meals daily plus a bed, a phone, twatch tv, etc.) as a reward for their Killings!!! These kids might look back and want to avenge their families and then they will want to kill their kidnappers. And if they turn on their kidnappers their kidnappers will obviously “shoot them dead/down” (kill them).

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/11

The song is simply awesme! Althou im blak africn,dnt wan2 thnk its talkng about blaks only. Its a msg 2 evry parent,educator, blak,white,asian, wateva u teach ur kids 2 b,they'll b just that!so parents,lets b RESPNSIBLE!

The perfect Accurate meaning of the song: ART! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

We can try and give meanings to the song, it is fine and acceptable I believe... just because Tracy's Music is a work of Art... you have to keep thinking everytime you listen to her music... phillip's meaning is nice I like it""Train your Kids in a right way, because you will have to face whoever they become in the future"
however IT IS ONLY TRACY CHAPMAN the writer of the song who knows why and what the song meant to her....

I love her too bits

Pivotal moment | Reviewer: Gabriel Nakedi | 5/5/11

for a moment there I was touched by this woman, this, is such a good song. The art of a bonafide music genius and the lyrics couldn't be better. The bottom line is to make people realise that they can actually do a lot by raising their kids well hence the saying "as the twig is bent, so grows the branch"

beautiful | Reviewer: teeka | 3/13/11

i grew up listening to tracy chapman im now 18 hav just strated actually listening to the songs, there words and wat they mean beofore they were jjust beautiffull songs my mum,sisters and i used to listen to but now there that and so much more there life there meaning they r amazing, the lyrics and the beautifull voice that goes with them..... <3

mean streets | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/10

I'm sick of these kids have a hard life crap. Is it hard to go to school and not study or do homework? Is it hard to not have a job and just steal when you want something? Is it hard to have children and not support them? And avoid the sacrifies that other people make for their children? There are no bad neighborhoods, only bad people. Take responsibility.

just saying | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/10

For me, this song told a story. our story. our history.
it doesnt just focus on america, even if that was its original purpose (to represent the black vs white scene), but it focus's on african villages, iraq, afganistan, etc.
It talked about how some are forced to protect themselves, to give a boy a gun and expect him to shoot if danger comes. its the only way to survive etc.

then it could mean, the age in which we send our personals to war. 18 years is still a boy. Then you expect them to come home and be fine, if he shot someone hes served justice, but if not, he's just a threat with a gun.

awesome | Reviewer: khanyisa | 4/23/10

if Tracy reads this gal, you are good, what was on your mind when you wrote these healer lyrics??? anyhu, m required to do a presentation about different music genres and i chose to present this Bang bang bang song, m to kno the instruments you used, your biography, how you started your music career, m looking forward to learning more about you, i'd really love to get some kinda ghelp from you about how you sterted yopur music career and your band, when did yiu start playing .plz plz help an inspired sista out you phenomenal woman. m proud of you.

about black america | Reviewer: anonomous | 10/27/09

This song is not about children emulating violence on television. The boy in this song is specifically young black men and about the rolls and choices blacks in America are forced to adopt. Lack or opportunity, lack or education- this is a song about White America against the black man. Lyrics like "what you gonna do? gonna give a boy a gun? Now there ain't nowhere to run to, there ain't no where to run." Is about limiting choices and throwing suspicion on him.
Lyrics like " If there's no one else around, bang bang bang, we'll shoot him down." Is about doing just that, exterminating the problem when no one else can point the finger and say racist.
Lyrics like " If he preys only on his neighbors
Brothers sisters and friends
We'll consider it a favor
We'll consider justice done" Is about hoping blacks kill each other off.

Bang bang Bang | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/08

Bang Bang Bang carries a very important message. That of the inadvertant breeding of violence. Give a child a gun and he will try to emulate his movie heroes. Think of movies like Rambo and others. I think the song is brilliantly written and performed just like the art of "imbono" in the Xhosa tradition.

a good song | Reviewer: | 12/13/07

no doubt bang bang bang is a great song, tracy's depth never ceases to amaze me.we will miss the message if we think its just about guns, the message is simple "train up ur kids the right way cos u'll have to face whoever they become in the future"