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We're rotten fruit
We're damaged goods
What the hell we've got nothing more to lose
One burst and we will probably crumble
We're backdrifting
This far but no further
I'm hanging off a branch
I'm teetering on a breaker
Honey sweets so fall asleep
I'm backsliding
You fell into our arms
You fell into our arms
We tried but there was nothing we could do
Nothing we could do
All evidence has been buried
All tapes have been erased
But your footsteps give you away
So you're backtracking
Oh oh oh
You fell into our arms
You fell into our arms
We tried but there was nothing we could do
Nothing we could do
You fell into our
You fell into a
We're rotten fruit
We're damaged goods
What the hell we've got nothing more to lose
One burst and we will probably crumble
We're backdrifters

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Backdrifts | Reviewer: Sam Dracula | 11/16/12

This song gives me chills everytime i hear it. These guys are amazing. I'm 55 and a hard rock fan but now I am a devoted Radiohead fan. In the aspect that they write what they want and don't give a shit what people think is why I'm a huge RUSH fan also. They are not even closely related aside from the fact that they write em as they see em. Thank you, son Garrett for getting me hooked on this band

Broken-ness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/12

its a song about feeling as though you cant progress, feeling as though you have reached your full capacity, you are at your limit and you couldnt possibly be doing any better or trying any harder. theres no way forward, only backward.

its about brokeness and imperfectness and not being able to escape from yourself so you finally give in.

and that moment where you stop caring, the moment where you fall back: that is liberty, that is freedom...that is progression.

An alternate view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/12

I feel it is couple who have experienced an unexpected pregnancy.Perhaps at a very low point of their relationship.
The child fell into thier arms - relates to the unexpectedness
Rotten fruit and damaged goods - is the feeling everyone has when faced with the responsibility of taking on another life
"what the hell they have nothing more to loose"
And they make do with their choice

Backdrifts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/12

Don't go over the line guys. Don't make up a situation in which your theory applies.

To me, this song is about reaching a point where you feel like you can't progress, can't make yourself any more useful or really do anything. So you kinda start moving backwards - and it's not necessarily a bad thing. The whole song sounds like freedom. You know - if there's nothing to do, just relax.

Mi interpretation | Reviewer: Julie | 5/27/12

This song is about a couple from my thought... Is about a couple that have been together for a while but things arent good anymore so they feel ike rooten fruit. And he feels like things are going bad and 1 more argument they will completely crumble . It will be the end . Idk thats just my view from it

It could be... | Reviewer: May'Leigh | 11/23/10

... a song about some poor soul's heroine addiction? "Fell into our arms"... "we tried but there was nothing we could do"... "damaged goods"... "all evidence has been buried"... on and on..

Of course, any form of good music or art should have the ability to reach the masses. It could really mean anything but I agree, BRILLIANT, as always :)

"broken people" | Reviewer: soulful | 10/15/10

i agree with agatham. it's not about any specific situation. the lyrics are such that just about anybody can relate to them, apply their own experience. it's about "broken people" in screwed up situations that they're unable to escape. they backdrift, backtrack, backslide - just like we all have at some point. the lyric "oh honey sweet, so full of sleep" automatically makes me think of depression! when i'm dealing with depression i can just sleep and sleep... that darkness is in the music, as well as the lyrics. brilliant song.

Brilliant song | Reviewer: Laura | 8/19/10

As usual. ^^ I love Radiohead. Heehee, I'm sure this isn't anything to with what the song actually means, but it reminds me of my three-way relationship for six years now with Karen and Jessica. Karen and I were together for three years and we both fell in love with Jessica.

She, also, grew fond of us and confessed that she wanted to be with both of us or neither. She sort of 'fell into our arms,' so to speak. ^^

We were all scared of the idea, worried that someone would become a third wheel, that one of us was just a 'back-up,' or what people might say; But there was nothing we could do, all three of us were in love both separately and together.

I'll await the flames, but nevertheless, this is what the song makes me think of. ^^

What I think | Reviewer: Austin Maestre | 12/10/09

I think that its not meant for just one persons view. I believe that this song is a about a specific group of people who have gone through hell and back, but since coming back they arent the same. They are "damaged goods" that no one wants. It could be a generation of people, or a certain demographic, it could even be people in the military. That I'm not sure about but i do think that it is some what of an anthem for those people

Little babies eyes | Reviewer: Agatham | 11/30/08

I think its taking about people with "issues", as damaged goods, broken individuals, for so many reasons...I can totally relate to this! being stuck in a situation and not realizing you're actually backsliding insted of moving forward...

Hmmm...perhaps | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/08

Perhaps its about a lover that is trying to return after the relationship has ended....and the other person (who's POV this song is from) is trying to tell the other person that its a bad idea but is unable to say no...

Just a thought.....

Couldnt agree more | Reviewer: Paul | 2/4/08

with the previous comment. Radiohead is certainly best experienced through headphones. Agree, find the lyrics hard to understand what Thom was definitevly talking about but i never place too much emphasis on lyrics. Hail to the thief has become my favourite record of theirs, and this track has to be one of the highlights of the album

the music | Reviewer: sakiv | 10/30/07

can't say I 'understand' the lyrics very objectively...but they definitely suggest things to me, and have meaning for me...and the music, is objectively, good...standard radiohead thing....listen to it with good headphones and its just good beats, stop and go, melodies, stuff in the background...sonic and liquid but

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