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Beth, I hear you callin'
But I can't come home right now
Me and the boys are playin'
And we just can't find the sound

Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

You say you feel so empty
That our house just ain't a home
And I'm always somewhere else
And you're always there alone

Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

Beth, I know you're lonely
And I hope you'll be alright
'Cause me and the boys will be playin'
All night

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Origin | Reviewer: KISSfan101 | 6/3/12

Okay, so I read though some of the other comments and all of y'all's reasons for it being written are wrong. I have read this in Peter's own words. He was driving in the car with the band and he was humming the harmony and Gene heard and asked, "I like that, What is the name?" Peter replied, "Oh it's a song called "Beck", some guy in my other band had written it for HIS wife." His wife's name was Becky. Gene said, "Well, you seem to be able to sing it pretty well, so how about we make some changes and record it?" Paul the jumped in and said, "Yeah Gene, Peter, It's a great song, let's record it!" Peter sighed, "Fine, what are we gonna call it?" Silence. That is all that the book says on Beth, but that's what happened. I hope it helped. :)

Dissapontment | Reviewer: She | 6/3/12

I have to say that I am very disappointed in Eric Carr and Eric Singer. I am even disappointed in Tommy Thayer. Eric Carr I am actually less than Tommy or the other Eric. Eric Carr had his own persona and I am mad because, I do not think that he should have gotten to sing Beth. Beth is Peter's song. Eric Singer the same way, but more because, he took Peter's persona. Singer sang Beth as the Catman! Tommy is probablly the least because he wrote his own songs but as Space Ace!!!!!! Come on y'all.

"Beth" is the best!<3 | Reviewer: KISSfan101 | 5/10/12

Kiss it band in the best band in the world. Peter Criss is an amazing singer and drummer. "Beth" is my favorite song and I'm going to sing it in my school talent show. Thank you Mr. Criss for changing my life. Every time I heat it I think of my cousin who passed away last year.

Beth | Reviewer: | 11/6/11

I love the song its heartbreaking yet beautiful first time I heard it was in the Kiss movie.."Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park" fell in love with it even at the age of 7 and still to this day and Im 40 its one of my all time favorite Kiss songs..

A mixed bag | Reviewer: Jozh | 7/21/11

This song was written by Peter Criss before he joined KISS, yes, and as an artist, it's the song he is defined by (and probably his greatest lyric work ever), but that doesn't change the fact that it was recorded UNDER KISS'S NAME.

People oftentimes forget that, though the song was written by Criss, the other drummers (both of whom have made names for themselves as the unsung heroes of the band) have both held is role, and have both performed his part in its entirety on stage, and have surpassed his musical prowess, even if they could not create "Beth" per se. In fact, Both Eric Carr and Eric Singer have performed Beth in his place, and vocally surpassed him on several occasions.

To be a member of KISS means to deliver both onstage and off, and Criss was eventually dismissed for failure to do so. Eric Carr died shortly after recording his version, and Eric Singer was hired TWICE, and frankly, I like their renditions better anyway.

Bits & Pieced | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

Some of you parts of the facts. Yes, the song was written while Pete was in Chelsea about their guitarist's girlfriend named Becky who kept interrupting rehearsals by calling repeatedly. The song was never finished or recorded by Chelsea. Years later, Pete did bring it to KISS but he was calling it Beck, which Gene did suggest the title change as one reviewer previously mentioned. Bob Ezrin & Stan Pendridge then fleshed out the unfinished song & used it as a B-Side to Detroit Rock City. It wasn't about Peter's wife as any fan knows her name was Lydia, not Beth. It was a song written apparently out of anger but by the time Ezrin & Pendridge had put their hands on it it became a ballad.

ugh | Reviewer: The Real Kiss fan | 1/2/11

clearly some of you know nothing. Beth was written by Peter Criss for his wife. He was always on tour which eventually led to their divorce. and who ever the hell says its not a love song has never been to a KISS concert to see Peter sitting on trash cans and throwing roses.

REAL Beth | Reviewer: GeneFan | 8/17/10

Just to let you all know, this song was written by Peter Criss and Bob Ezrin. Gene Simmons and Criss were talking after a show and Criss said he wanted to do a song called "Beck" about a girl called Becky. Simmons suggested changing it to "Beth" to save confusion with Jeff Beck (And becuase it was easier to sing).

Criss came up with a tune and some lyrics which he showed to Bob Ezrin, producer of "Destroyer", who made a few changes and filed out the tune in it.

How do I know this? I read Gene Simmons' autobiography. But yeah, beautiful song that stays in your mind forever. And Anonymous who gave Hi-Five? Woo! I'm 13 to :D

dmh | Reviewer: dm | 3/22/10

my neice was named fter this song in '77.yes it is a song abot his dghter and wife has lot of mening to everyone an not everyone has the same thing.Great Song.I use parts in letters to secial friends.

f-u-all | Reviewer: crooooooooooooooooks | 2/14/10


The Real story behind BETH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/09

THis song was about a cat. Peter Criss had a cat named BETH, and for the longest time, his only friend. That was one of the reasons he was made up like a cat. It is a beautiful song, and one I named my oldest daughter after.

Hi- Five fking anonymous! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/09

Dude, Awesome! SOMEBODY other than me knows that! Awesome. Maybe that's because I don't know that many KISS fans... I'm 13:). I don't fit in very well at school, but f*ck friends. Most of them back stab anyway. Anyhow, Great song, no matter what it's about or who it's by. And did you know that Eric Carr actually sat on the same stool that Peter Criss did to record his version of the song? So, yeah. Interesting Trivia for ya.

I heard you guys are real kiss fans | Reviewer: fking anonymous | 3/24/09

this song was written by kiss' drummer when he was in a different band. stop bullshitting yourselves. it's not even a love song, it's about chelsea's (a band) lead guitar's girlfriend. she was a bitch who would interupt band practices. now go read the lyrics again, you'll realize two things:
a. i'm right
b. you're all dumb fucking fools. QQ omg the song is so sweet, i can feel the love. stfu.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/08

This song can really touch people's hearts.Peter and Eric had such a great voice.Peter's original vocal when I heard it just made me cry he has a really great voice and when I listened to Eric Carr(R.I.P) vocal for this I still cried they both have wonderful voices for this song.I am a KISS fan of course and this has to be one of my fav songs from them

kiss' best | Reviewer: Clare | 6/7/07

i've always liked the song even tho it didnt bode well for beth. my apt mgr's name is beth, and the tunes been in my head all over again.:)this song transcends time and feeling; you can love it now and 50 yrs later. we'll never outgrow it.

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