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Faith No More Anne's Song Lyrics

Last updated: 12/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

Hey "WHAT?" (x6) "HA!"
Oh nothing, just wondering why it is you're doing
"WHAT?" is you're doing that whatever is you're doing
Oh yeah "WHY?" (x2)
I dunno just doesn't seem like something you'd be doing I mean you of all people
"HA!" You know what I mean?
I know it's been bugging since the day I was born, huh?
I asked my friend Anne about it
I said "ANNE" (x3)
What am I supposed to do,huh?
It's been bugging them since the day that I was born
She said, do whatever the hell you want to do
Now is the time where you can do anything, everything you do
Anything it's still gonna turn out great. I mean you've got the world at your feet

I never claimed to be different
I only said I was bored and she's tired of your uniqueness
It sends her over head first then the rest of her follows
The breath of life, it never left her hollow

And I can do everything, she said, she says with a smile
And I can go anywhere tonight, cause I'm with Anne

"ANNE" Anne "WHO?" Anne Dagnabit Island princess girl with the juice
Uh what have we here? Oh I see she brought up with her the whole uptown contingent

First there's Jonny, he always loves a party
He's followed by Vinnie, who's feelin' kinda skinny
He says, hey Anne I'm starved what you got to eat
She says, Vinnie you're always hungry man get away from that fridge, Now!
Here comes Lucy, she's feelin' really sexy
She's followed by her boyfriend, who'd better not turn around
This time, or he's bound to lose her
Followed by Jamilla, who's got the cream soda

And I can do anything I want I tell you again
We can go anywhere tonight, cause we're with Anne


And we can do anything we want, we tell you again
We can go anywhere tonight, cause we're with Anne

"ANNE" Anne "WHO?" Anne Dagnabit Island princess girl with the juice
Girl with the heart, heart for wrecked
Look where I thought (x3) "HEY!" (x7)
Hey you guys! "WHAT?"
Anne, where's Anne? Hey guys!

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free! | Reviewer: matt | 4/29/10

so so beautiful, such beautiful melodies in key board and guitar and freedom in the groove, the lyrics just roll of his tongue so effortlessly, the fear of what should i be doing?!! what's right for you, as a child you don't even think about what you should be doing you just feel your way too much obsessing in our indoctrination gets us like the white rabbit in alice in wonderland

My Review | Reviewer: Chuck | 11/7/09

Anne's Song is my favorite Faith No More song. I love the almost childish sing-song way it's done, and then it soars and becomes something glorious. I love the way it's so casual, listing a catalog nothings (who's got the cream soda) but then tells us we can do anything when we're with Anne. Maybe it's just the average everyday world of some kids, but there is great power in that youth, here dreams are still alive, well and kicking some ass. I would suggest to all of you, get up at 3:00AM sometime and play this song really loud, dance if you want and hold your arms out like an airplane when it gets to the soaring parts, 'cause you can do anything.

Anne's Song | Reviewer: Anne | 10/20/04

Definitely one of faith no more's best songs. especially since it's about meeee!!!