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Angel - put sad wings around me now
Protect me from this world of sin
So that we can rise again

Oh angel - we can find our way somehow
Escaping from the world we're in
To a place where we began

And I know we'll find
A better place and peace of mind
Just tell me that it's all you want - for you and me
Angel won't you set me free

Angel remember how we'd chase the sun
Then reaching for the stars at night
As our lives had just begun

When I close my eyes I hear your velvet wings and cry
I'm waiting here with open arms - oh can't you see
Angel shine your light on me

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Angel we'll meet once more - I'll pray
When all my sins are washed away
Hold me inside your wings and stay
Oh! angel take me far away

Put sad wings around me now
Angel take me far away
Put sad wings around me now
So that we can rise again

Put sad wings around me now
Angel take me far away
Put sad wings around me now
So that we can rise again

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Tsch.. Atheists.. | Reviewer: Jade | 10/22/13

Atheists always cry about people supposedly "shoving religion down everyone throats" yet I mostly just see Atheists insulting other people, their beliefs and God. Honestly, do Atheists not believe in God or do they believe in God but just hate God? I feel the latter is true considering how they blame all the "bad things" on God and constantly insult someone they don't "believe exists".

It's rather about Rob's Guardian Angel | Reviewer: leaven | 10/5/13

Johnny Rebel open your ears. This song is not about evil angel. Listen to Halford's Winter Songs if you have any doubt. Ad noctis, Jesus is not a myth. He is real living man and God. And don't tell me you can't rely on someone you can't see. We are surrounded by lots of things, energies we cannot see but they are powerful and real. Wind, radio waves, dark matter and lots of other things. Don't limit yourself to your sense of sight only. The world is much more than this and remember one day you will meet Jesus face to face, no matter what religion you profess or not.

nope -.- | Reviewer: ad_noctis | 4/22/11

johnnyrebel, shut the f**k up. your god is dead for a long time, if he existed at all. Jesus is just a myth that will never be proven as truth, try living a life with some courage and with you as the master, and don't rely on someone who you don't see. I am believing that i'm a bilionare, does that make me a bilionare? Don't post that sh*t here, keep that for yourself and enjoy this great song!

Subliminal | Reviewer: johnnyrebel | 2/15/11

He is singing about Satan, lucifer is the angel of light, the light side of Satan. He is talking about reaching the sun and the stars, he is telling the angel to set him free, it is basically Gnosticism, putting God as the bad guy and lucifer as the angel of redemption. Jesus is the one who sets you free not Satan.

One of th best. | Reviewer: Atskalunas | 9/21/09

This song have really powerfull lyrics,if my mother hear it she would cry... I think that instrumental part is good too, it doesn't upstage the words, sang by that beutifull voice....
sorry for my english...

Awesome! | Reviewer: Luna | 7/13/09

I heard this song for the first time today and I just had to search for the lyrics! I think the lyrics are awesome! I thougght of how life really is when I heard the song together with watching the lyrics

excellent song | Reviewer: nia | 10/26/07

this was the first song when i started listening to judas priest.its wicked.i really love it.

Fantastic song | Reviewer: Johnny | 8/23/07

This song is excellent, it's bring the career of the band full circle to the sad wings of destiny album way back in the 70's. Rob Halfords voice sounds just as good now as it did back then.

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