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Come on over and do the twist
Over do it and have a fit
Come on over and shoot the shit
Love you so much it makes me sick

Beat me outta me, beat me outta me
Beat me outta me, beat me outta me
Beat me outta me, beat me outta me
Beat me outta me, beat me outta me

Come on over and do the twist
Over do it and have a fit
Come on over and shoot the shit
Love you so much it makes me sick

Beat me outta me, beat me outta me
Beat me outta me, beat me outta me

Beat me outta me, beat me outta me
Beat me outta me, beat me outta me

She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart
She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart
She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart
She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart

She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart
She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart
She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart
She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart

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Love it | Reviewer: Kate | 6/27/12

I am practicing singing, cuz I am in a punk? grunge band, and this is the best song fo improving your voice. Soon I will sound like Kurt (I am a girl, but my woice is getting down)
Nice song, I love Nirvana. My band is called Nohelia, witch means - no haven and no hell, just us (our first song had words ike this) and we keep the first letter N in memories from Nirvana ♥
Love you, Kurt.♥♥♥

It's about Tobi Vail | Reviewer: Ruby | 6/24/12

Just found something about the meaning in a book Im currently reading. I'll translate it as best as I can.

"Aneurysm" was one of the first songs which deal with their relationship (Tobis and Kurts). However it was written before they broke up. He sings "Love you so much/it makes me sick" and refers to the first evening they spend together (...).

Btw "Drain You", "Lithium" and "Lounge Act" were affected by his time with Tobi as well.

Not everything he wrote is about Courtney guys.

Actual lyrics | Reviewer: Kaz | 5/21/12

This is hysterical! It's not "come on ogre" it's "come on over". And it's not beat the enemy it's " beat me, out of me". As in the person he is needs to be beating out of him. Duhhhh

this is some funny shit.... | Reviewer: Rob | 1/28/12

Reading these "reviews" has been highly entertaining, i've been laughing my arse off for an hour!! Nirvana were legends, their music can be interpretated in many ways, by many different minds but frankly nobody knows what their songs are about other than the ones that wrote them. Nirvana were about the rawness and love of music...feel the love, embrace it in your hearts and live life like its your last day on earth! Love always...Rob, Leeds, England

Nirvana! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/11

ah this song is amazing i love it! i love all of nirvana My favorite band of all time! just miss this band and kurt so much! even though he died a year after my birth i feel like i knew him personaly!! he inspired me to play guitar this guy was just amazing!

aneurysm | Reviewer: aris | 11/11/11

hello everybody!

I don't know, nobody could realy know what Kurt had in mind when he wrote the lyrics of the song. I can only tell you, how it makes me feel the combination of music and lyrics of this song...It makes me feel that time stops and all my fears that used to lead me to depression are not real...because i am alive...and as long as you are alive you can do what really makes you happy even if the society you live in is so hypnotized, so unhuman...and the only thing it's worth to do is to fight for the right to LIVE, not just survive...if you are dead emotianaly it's like beeing dead biologicaly...Kurt's spirit will livw FOREVER

Great song | Reviewer: Cath Lawson | 10/30/11

This is a song about love-obessional, outta control love, a love that is so strong it makes you sick in your gut. If you've felt that strength of that particular kind of love it's not hard to understand his lyrics and to feel the rythmic intent. He does say beat me outta me in the live versions, but who the fuck cares. This is a truly great track from band I sorely miss.

Incorrect Lyrics for this song. | Reviewer: J. Wilson | 10/24/11

While the lyrics are 99% correct, Kurt actually says: "Beat the enemy" during the first chorus most of the time, but not all. He switches it up. Its obvious when you listen to the track while keeping this in mind. I use the Kurt Cobain Journal as a reference on this one. There is lyrics to a track called beat the enemy.

Reply @ Omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11 | Reviewer: adam | 10/7/11

Your understanding of music is so weak that you actually call the majority of people replying to this "idiots". What an "idiot" like you fails to realise is people discussing Kurt Cobain/Nirvana is keeping him alive in the hearts and minds of the youth. It keeps his message and spirit alive in music as people do not forget his memory.

Omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

ALL of you are idiots. This song is about Tobi Vail. NOT that white trash courtney love, NOT about heroin, NOT about animal abuse or any of the other stupid things you guys keep posting. Regardless of what its about and everyone who thinks their opinion is superior to everyone elses, maybe just have a little respect for Kurt and enjoy the song instead of trying to pick it apart and criticize and judge what he wrote or why he wrote it.

What? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/11

Okay, who in their right mind would think this is about animal cruelty?? He's just talking about when he first met Courtney and how he threw up out of nervousness. Hence "Love you so much it makes me sick."

Well... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/11

In regards to Anonymous | 7/14/10
I don't know what preconceptions you have of NIRVANA, but they were all gentle people. Kurt loved cats and once spent a whole ten minutes telling an interviewer of his love for them. To suggest that he would beat a cat (or any other animal) is disgusting.

How do the lyrics even have conotations of animal cruelty...

Clarification. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/11

I'd like to point out a few things here.

First things first. This song was written prior to Nirvana's Nevermind album, and the song was in fact cut from the original Nevermind track listing.

Secondly, a little history lesson. Nevermind came out in 1991. Kurt did not start using heroin habitually until the Nevermind tour, later that year.
So... please explain how a song written BEFORE he did heroin is about heroin?

Thirdly, the song Lounge Act is NOT about Tobi Vail. I believe that people are getting the song confused with Drain You. That song is for Tobi Vail, and was the song that Courtney tried to force him to stop playing.

Finally, Kurt may have put a cat in a chimney (which I've never heard) but for the most part, he was a huge animal lover. He had many animals in the house he had with Tracy (who About a Girl was written for)

Also, please do not use Heavier than Heaven as if it is THE Kurt Bio. While it is certainly the easiest to find, it has also been bashed by just about everyone in Kurt's life. The only person who HASN'T bashed it just so happens to be Courtney Love, who helped Charles Cross to write the book.
The book is very heavily biased from Courtney's side of things.

Thank you for your time.

Tobi Vail | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

The impression I got from Heavier than Heaven is that Tobi Vail should bear some blame for Kurt going to the dogs, although it was probably him just over-idolising her. And by no means should people stop blaming Courtney.

It's about a girl named Tobi | Reviewer: josh | 11/24/10

If you read the book Heavier than Heaven, It tells the story of how the song was written. He met this punk chick named Tobi. He was so taken by her that after he met her he threw up outside. And as a side note this song was created long before Kurt was big into heroin. Everyone assumes since he was a junkie that every song he ever wrote was about drugs when in fact almost none of them were. The only one that I can think of is Pennyroyal Tea. Which is most likely about abortion but could have a dual meaning

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