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Deaf Dumb and blind boy
He's in a quiet vibration land
Strange as it seems his musical dreams
Ain't quite so bad.

Ten years old
With thoughts as bold as thought can be
Loving life and becoming wise
In simplicity.

Sickness will surely take your mind
Where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.

A vague haze of delerium
creeps up on me.
All at once a tall stranger I suddenly see.
He's dressed in a silver sparked
Glittering gown
And His golden beard flows
Nearly down to the ground.

Nothing to hear and nothing to say
And nothing to see.
Each sensation makes a note in my symphony.

Sickness will surely take your mind
Where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.

His eyes are the eyes that
Transmit all they know.
Sparkle warm crystalline glances to show
That he is your leader
And he is your guide
On the amazing journey together you'll ride.

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sickness | Reviewer: wstar | 1/10/14

Sickness will surely take your mind
Where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.

To me this will always be among the best lyrics ever written. I've become seriously sick during the past years so I know these words have a very strong meaning.

like all great works of art | Reviewer: robileski fortissimo | 9/30/11

I WHOLE heartedly agree with Dr . Fish all great teachers wisemen prophets assist/profess/ impart knowledge of inner levels of awareness this quest goes beyond entertainment. To capture the imagination the soul. Fertile SOIL must awaken planting a seed of illumination the great artist that speak for our generation seeks to find fulfilment not earthly pleasures. But the stages of internal growth that lead us back to the Divine level of completion/oneness w GOD

Perhaps you had to be there... | Reviewer: Dr.Fish | 10/13/10

Tommy (the rock opera) was written for my generation: drugged out hippies who were on a spiritual quest, albeit from time to time sidetracked by hedonism. It was written as Pete Townsend was himself getting into recovery, i.e. emerging from his own self-imposed deaf, dumb and blindness. Mixed in with that is the pop-Hinduism popular at the time. Tommy is (in his inner state) in touch with his avatar, who is leading him to self-realization - and the "guide" is both he himself, his dead father, and God. In then end Tommy achieves enlightenment and realizes (according to Hindu thought) that he himself is the Godhead. ("I am the light.")
The one reviewer is 100% correct in also mentioning Townsend being influenced by Meher Baba... and to make that piece of the puzzle fit I recommend you Google Meher Baba and then you'll see this in another light. So - do it! Come on the Amazing Journey and learn all you should know!

One of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

This is one of my favorite Who songs. The Live at Leeds version shows them really at the top of their game. You can interpret the lyrics any number of ways, but it's really just about how the music affects you - innit? F'ing brilliant. I'd give my right hand to have been at that show. Time travel anyone?

Stephen | Reviewer: Stephen | 9/2/09

hmm....This songs lyrics are very odd. Although I've heard this great song many time's I never fully understood it.The melancholy in this song was so understandable to me but that was not the case.This is one of those songs that you will never get but,It may teach you a lesson...At least from the prospective I had saw it from.

Tommy Plotline - Amazing Journey/Sparks | Reviewer: Mike | 2/1/09

Tommy's subconcious reveals itself to him as a tall stranger dressed in silvery robes with a floor length golden beard, and the vision sets him on an internal spiritual jounrey upon which he learns to interpret all physical sensations as music.

What an Amazing Journey! | Reviewer: Peter Maimere | 12/1/08

This song was originally a poem written by Peter Townshend, and is considered the essence of Tommy's story, thus being one of the first songs of the album. It features some ideas from Pete's learning from Meher Baba. Tommy is dumb, deaf and blind, so his "musical dreams" (verse 3) are really made of touching sensations (verse 22), e.g., the bullying from his cousin or the fiddling of his uncle, shown later in the Opera. All these sensations builds Tommy's spiritual growth. One can also compare the silence of Tommy to the silence obtained by the post-war era kids, because parents and grandparents were so hurt in the war that they refused talking about it to these kids. (In fact, this was said by Peter Townshend and others on several documentaries, and I just wrote in other words.) There are other aspects of Tommy (the opera itself) that are not covered in this song, though it's still an important part of it.

good | Reviewer: ruudgerusth | 9/9/07

iiiiiiiiii am reli fen of dis musieck sou i kan sey tat pit towshent is a good to vraitte musieck bat is good also rodger wenh he singes the musieck. the whoe i love.

Amazing Journey | Reviewer: Tino | 8/8/07

Amazing Journey is part of The Who's first rock opera "Tommy." The protagonist, Tommy, was traumatized earlier in his life and became blind, deaf and dumb. The man in this song is his subconscious, and the amazing journey is a journey to be able to interpret the world as music. The story continues in the song "Sparks."

Amazing Journey | Reviewer: Kendall | 5/24/07

I want to know what the song means? Like what is the story about and how did you write such a successful work of art!!?

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