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Jimmy Buffett All The Ways I Want You Lyrics

Last updated: 05/17/2011 11:00:00 AM

By Bruce Cockburn

The hills are full of secrets
Owls watch by night
Down in town the bars are full
And the drunks are picking fights
These are things I know
But the facts are filtered through
All the ways I want you

2:19 freight train
Moaning somewhere near
I see you in the distance
But I can't get there from here
Hard to believe it's happening
But my whole world's shrunken to
All the ways I want you

Stars look down and laugh at me
I ought to take a bow
Don't have to tell them life's hard sometimes
There's one falling now
Nobody's here beside me
I can talk about it to
All the ways I want you

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Please!! | Reviewer: Al Mele | 5/17/11

Some talent rubbed off on Jimmy from Jerry Jeff some years ago. But, look at who wrote this song. Do you know who Bruce Cockburn is? All I can say is good choice of material Jim. But no one holds a candle to the original song by Bruce Cockburn on "Dart to the Heart." Give Jimmy what's Jimmy's and Bruce what's Bruces'.

sweet ballad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

God, JB still has it after all these years! A sweet song which speaks from the heart, and says things all we guys want to say, in just exactly the right way. Buffett forever!!!!