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Led Zeppelin All My Love Lyrics

Last updated: 03/04/2014 01:09:21 PM

Should I fall out of love, my fire in the light;
To chase a feather in the wind?
Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight,
There moves a thread that has no end.

For many hours and days that pass ever soon,
The tides have caused the flame to dim.
At last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom;
Is this to end or it just begin?

All of my love,
All of my love,
All of my love to you now.
All of my love,
All of my love,
Oh, all of my love to you now.

The cup is raised, the toast is made yet again.
One voice is clear above the din.
Proud Aryan, one word, my will to sustain.
For me, the cloth once more to spin.

All of my love,
All of my love,
All of my love for you now.
All of my love,
All of my love,
Yes, all of my love to you child.

Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time;
His is the force that lies within.
Ours is the fire, all we can find.
He is a feather in the wind.

Oh, all of my love,
All of my love,
Oh, all of my love to you now.
All of my love,
Ohoo oh, yes,
All of my love to you now.

All of my love,
All of my love,
All of my luh-huv, luh-huv

Sometime, sometime, sometime, sometime .. ooh
Hey hey hey.. hey hey heey
Oohoo yeah

It's all, all, all, all, all of my love,
All of my love,
All of my love to you now.
All of my love,
All of my love,
All of my love to you and you and you and yeah.

I get a little bit lonely,
Just a little, just a little, just a little bit lonley
Just a little bit lonely

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It explains how it used to be and now it has changed | Reviewer: PJT | 3/3/14

The love and light and strength from the new and as the years go by these feelings fade, not wanting them to fade they fade anyway. We all try so hard to hold on and keep the fire alive but it takes two. My other half left me by self infliction and I will never be able to renew it or get it back, it will always be what it was for the time we had together. Yes I always and forever stay just a little lonely.

temptation | Reviewer: midlife crisis | 1/31/14

While I do believe this song is dedicated & about Plants son I apply it to my marriage which started out strong & but over the years has become old and lacks the fire of the early days. feeling sad.

from such joy to ever-lasting sorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/12

this was my wedding song in 1985 and held such a pure love message of a wonderful future...Now the true meaning rings clear...The pain of loss when the love of my life left me after 25 years. How my heart still aches.

Spiritual Strength | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/12

I have heard this song, or part of it, many times. It gives me a feeling of spiritual strength, or someone trying to help me feel stronger and deal with life's hardships. I don't know which member of Led Zeppelin sings this song, but every time I hear your voice, I think I'm hearing John Lennon! You have a beautiful voice! Thank you.

Feather in the wind | Reviewer: Mart sheffield | 10/22/11

Forget Dazed,Stairway and Kashmir,this has got to be the most heartfelt Zeppelin track,borne out of complete tragedy,forget the "magick" conspiricy,this is real life as it happens. May Freyja be watching Robert

A different view: Song is directed to Maureen | Reviewer: B.A | 9/14/11

I believe this is the first time Robert is willing to forgive Maureen and return to her by all heart after Karac's death, of which he blamed her and himself. He is now shifting all of his love back to her and stops chasing the feather in the wind, which is Karac, or Karac's memorial.
At least this is what he intends to do, but not sure he is able to.
So maureen is the second person in the song and Karac is the third one.

The last verse is there to interpret the previous ones:

"Yours is the cloth"
Maureen holds the love

"mine is the hand that sews time"
Robert is willing to bridge over the bad times they had

"his is the force that lies within"
Karac will give them strength to continue

"Ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find"
Together they can overcome the tragedy

"He is a feather in the wind"
A feather in the wind is something precious that you can lose instantly (I went to look for the meaning). Here it is stated clearly that "he" is that feather. Therfore I believe this is Karac and not some other woman or women Robert was chasing.

Tears Of Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

This song is beyond beautiful and emotional.
Shows an unbreakable and pure love of that between a father and son.
When I found out the meaning of this song,it brought me to tears and broke me heart.
Truly beautiful,gotta love Led Zeppelin.

Karac´s honour | Reviewer: Sergio Oliveira | 6/28/11

Although I am die hard fan of Zeppelin, it took me a couple of years to find out "All My Loving" was for Plant´s seven years son. I believe Karac along with many angels in Heaven were happy to hear his father singing this amazing love song.

Aryan, goddess of life and death | Reviewer: Lina | 5/24/11

"Proud Aryan, one word, my will to sustain"
Has anyone thought that Aryan might be the mighty goddess of love, light and fertility, Freya? She was the one to take half of the dead to her heavenly meadows of Fólkvangr. She wore a feathered cloak that enabled her to fly.

Heartbreaking | Reviewer: Cin77t | 5/5/11

For years this was my favourite Zep song and I never knew anything about where it came from, then last night when I found out about Robert Plants son I burst into tears; now I know why I loved it so much, it came from a heart as filled with pain as mine was when my own son passed away.

I could only dream of having the talent needed to convey those feelings so strongly.

All My Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/10

Bittersweet song, the reason for its inception sad beyond belief....the loss of Robert Plant's son Karac whilst Robert was in the States on tour in 1977. Robert sings the song with such pure emotion, and Jimmy Page's guitar perfectly complements the voice.

pure emotion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/09

this song has always held something very emotional for me. then when I learned the truth behind to its meaning as well as having a son of my I dont think that there will ever be another song that touches me like this one. Thank you Robert.

Homesick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/09

February 1989 I was in US Marine Corps Infantry School. Standing in line for morning chow this song came on. Suddenly I got immensely home sick and had to hold back the tears. Guess I wasn't the toughest Marine. Oh well, beautiful song. Didn't know it was about Plant's son. Too bad the reward of such inspiration has to be bought from the high cost of sorrow.

song for me. | Reviewer: tony | 5/30/09

What can I say, to me, the song is a song about a man's grieve of his lost son - how as time goes somethings fade, but the pain never goes. .. I lost a son, and this song was my fav love song before he died, now it's my grieve song. Miss you Owen.

All My Love | Reviewer: B.W | 1/3/09

Great song. I love the mandolin solo and the trumpet that goes along with it, and not to forget the great chords of the synthetic strings in the background. Robert Plant does an excellent job on the chorus! Great emotion displayed by Plant; you can tell he really felt the lyrics. One of my personal favorites.