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Jennifer Lopez Alive Lyrics

Last updated: 09/17/2012 02:09:29 PM

Time goes slowly now in my life
Fear no more of what I'm not sure

Searching to feel your soul
The strength to stand alone
the power of not knowing and letting go

I guess I've found my way it's simple when its right
Feeling lucky just to be here tonight
and happy just to be me and be alive.

Love, in and out, of my... my heart,
And though life can be strange I can't be afraid

Searching to feel your soul, the strength to stand alone,
The power of not knowing and letting go

I guess I've found my way it's simple when it's right
Feeling lucky just to be here tonight
and happy just to be me and be alive
I guess I've found my way it's simple
when its right feeling lucky just to be here tonight and
happy just to be me and to be alive.

Thanks to chantelle may :) for submitting Alive Lyrics.

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Hope! | Reviewer: Lonnie king jr. | 9/17/12

Okay... I've loved this song from the moment I first heard it. Truth be told, I heard it before I knew it was written for a movie. This song is so powerful that it crosses all types of barriers. I truely felt that the spirit of good used the writters of this song to send me a devine message. This song was written for everyone going through life. Hope, faith, perseverance, love, conquer, and victory... All wrapped up in ALIVE! Love U J-Lo.

Enough --> Empowering! (Fiona) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/11

Just finished watching the movie (Enough) again, for the millionth time! This movie is empowering and the song just perfectly wraps it all up, in the end its not just about overcoming your abuse or victimization but why u did what u did. I'm just happy to be me & Alive...this just brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps all over.

alive | Reviewer: marlene | 6/30/11

this song is really heart touching,it reminds of how to really stand in your own,even when problems is in your hands,it is inspiring,the lyrics boost the confidence you must have in order to live in this world even there are people around you that may not threat you good.

Be happy because you are alive | Reviewer: Isaac white | 5/26/11

This song is amazing, i mean it is great. This song 'alive' makes me cry whenever I listen to it because when she singing it so real and is just like a true life story. Just imagine what life is bringing every time, I mean the pain, sickness, hunger, hardship, homeless, tears and sorrow yet you still found yourself "alive". She (jennifer lopez)was so great in the movie Enough depite the dispairs, no love, no respect, no caring, no freedom from her husband she strungle for life with her little baby and she found herself alive. Jennifer is a brave woman just as she is so great in the movie"ENOUGH". I really love this song alot, because it was great.

RELATIONSHIPS | Reviewer: Brian Anthony Mangar | 4/2/11

In the world today men are really taking the advantage of women,they feel as though because they're close to that someone's heart they have equal amount of rights over their lives but it's not the way...women ALSO/ALWAYS have the rights to make decisions and i personally think that ALL women need that rights for they deserve it...i know i'm a boy but i'm sick and tired seeing women get hurt...they need LOVE,RESPECT,RIGHTS AND THE FREEDOM THEY DESERVE...
From brian anthony Mangar

thank you jennifer lopez | Reviewer: alfarhan ali | 11/25/10

alive when i listen to this song and this artist j lo i think that she agreat and atrue artist i believe you and i love evry think abuot j lo your song and your movie i think j lo she's all my live thank you jennifer lopez so much for evry think in my haert

Better than the Rest | Reviewer: Serah Akut | 11/7/10

This song is truly an inspiring song, I listen to this song and it gives me sstrenght to move on in life no matter, I fall down and get crashed so low on my kneeswhen I listen to this song it is truly a strenght for myselfand I believe those women out there who think that life is not ment for them to live the way they do . J. Lo you are ONE IN A MILLION.

A True Inspiration | Reviewer: Kim. | 8/14/10

All My Life i was bullied. and yelled at. and my parents never got along. and so i always had to visit one of them. my mom has been doing drugs all my life and pre-life and she just doesnt care about me anymore, shes just so caught up on her drugs and stuff. and my dad died last year and now that im on my own everything can happen. i've been in a rough relationship and its really hard to keep ur head up and move on. But if thats the only thing thats gonna keep u alive than u have to do it. so Good Luck to all the Women who Are in Controlling or Abusive Relationships. and Keep Ur Head High, Cause Even that person is maybe stronger or better than you. You Still Have Power. and when life gives you power, USE IT.

♥ thank you Jennifer

Alive | Reviewer: Maurile | 6/23/10

For the first time to me to listen the song Alive, I was touched, and trough that i realized that the time has biggest important for everyone around the world.

The life seems like dream for each one of us that we want to live, but the time goes so fast...

Think u Jennifer Lopez

Lovely | Reviewer: morteza | 3/4/10

This song is composed with love , passion , confidence...
When I am alone , desperate or heartbroken I listen to this song and it truly relieves me.I love it and so does every one else who has ever
listened to it.Thank u J.L

Exalting, lovely, beautiful and a song that brings in more hope and confidence for people | Reviewer: Shuo Yang | 12/29/09

This song, to me, is very well played. It's lovely, beautiful and exalting, especially among the songs that bring in more hope and confidence for people who hope for better things. I think that every part of the song pretty much fits the action that unfolds during the movie, 'Enough', which I've seen many times on TV and on Youtube. the character Jennifer Lopez plays is a young women named Slim, who makes a run from her abusive husband Mitch and takes her daughter Gracie along with her to different places where she can feel safe. But her runaway plans somehow backfire as Mitch is able to track her down and Slim realizes that despite reporting to the police about her husband putting her in greater danger, she trains herself well enough so she would confident enough to could do one thing... kill him. as I was listening to this song on Youtube,
it made me sort of realize how there is still hope inside all people, especially inside women who have been subjected to physical abuse by their partners and want to abandon them. just remember: fear is what can hold you captive to all the horrible things that surround you. hope is what can actually help set you free, which helps you think of all wonderful things there is for you to dream about. alive, it's really touching and jennifer lopez sings really well, especially in this song. eloquent. j-lo, you're probably among one of the best pop singers ever and you'll always be remembered as one. stay strong and keep up the good work.

Thank u | Reviewer: Zan | 11/17/09

Wow I had been in an abusive relationship for 2yrs n was watching the movie Enough last year n kept thinkin abt the song but Im happy to say that today I was packing my suitcases n left the man Im playin dat song now n its on repeat.. Thnx very much for the song n the movie was good I even took the kickboxing classes lol

vinnie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/09

this track strengthens n empowers you with a will to live and feel happy when you are helps you forget your blues and your gives you fortitude when your are alone and there's nobody around to hug you and tell you that he/she cares...i luv this song...hats off to Jlo!

the song that heal my broken heart | Reviewer: Nunnoy | 6/21/09

Like everybody...this song is very awesome and makes me stronger...Healing me from the terrible broken heart from the man who doesn't need me anymore. I feel so bad, but when this song pop up in my iPod...Yeah I'm lucky that I'm alive...So, head up. Be strong. Thanks J.L. You are very awesome...

Alive | Reviewer: Hong Nguyen | 5/8/09

I like her song very much cause I listen to her music every day it make me feel touchable.Every time I listen to alive song it keep stuck into my mind. Also I like her pictures alot cause she look so Beautiful women.