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Michael W. Smith Agnus Dei Lyrics

Last updated: 01/18/2014 03:51:41 PM

For the Lord God Almighty reigns

For the Lord God Almighty reigns

Holy are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

You are holy
Holy are you Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb


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song | Reviewer: peculiar joseph | 1/18/14

this song is realy heart feeling and heaven bound music that connect one directly to God Himself. whenever i sing this song i get more connected to God.May the Almighy God blessing bless you real good and may continue to strength and inspire you the shal not only sing here one earth but you shall also be among the heavenily choir when Jesus shall come.remain bless.

Agnus Dei | Reviewer: Tresormayangui | 11/18/13

Thanks for this opportunity to read my commentary and I thanks God and Michael ..smith for this compositions caus'of is not easy to do it and kip on for this way and God get help you to do more compositions you have changed the life of many people.for axempol in my house together we singing it before to sleep .

i promise | Reviewer: louis azaare | 8/28/13

first of all i want to tank God for giving michael smith de knowledge n voice to compose de song... glory b unto his name.... i fell in love wit de song de first day i heard it.... i promise to play dis song wen a build an alter which wud b used for worshipn Him... God richly bless michael smith for dis song......

GRAMMAR | Reviewer: Sewa H. | 8/14/13

I think it's no need setting a debate about "Are you Lord God ALmighty'. Grammatically, this is not a question but what we call in grammar INVERSION.So there no mistake about the lyrics.God bless you all!


the LORD who has taking my soul from the power of deah and my eyes from weeping and my feet from falling the Name JESUS HAS SAVED somebody like me before, i was lost, confuse, and his light locate me and show me the way GLORY BE TO YOUR NAME LORD.

Awesome song, but why the flaw | Reviewer: Clement F | 7/2/13

The singers sing it like this:"Holy Holy. Are you Lord God Almighty?" Why the flaw in an obviously awesome song? It would be better to use the following words:
"Holy Holy." "You Are Holy, Lord God Almighty."

Are You Lord God Almighty? | Reviewer: Janet | 2/26/13

I'm pretty sure these words are not asking the question, "Are You Lord God Almighty?" but it sounds like it is when sung. I wonder why the lyrics weren't simply written as "You are Holy, Holy. You *are* Lord God Almighty!" Then again, maybe Michael W. Smith did that on purpose to make us think if we truly consider the Lord God Almighty as Holy. Anyway, this is certainly a great worship song and one of my favorites! ><>

hallelujah | Reviewer: simon furay | 2/20/13

I really like this again because it reminds me of the love of God who revealed himself as the lamb of God, and so makes me feel calm when I heard this song even though I did not know but now I know it means so love to hear this song

worshiping in truth and in spirit | Reviewer: Tinashe Sibanda | 2/5/13

Wow Ooooooohhhh God or lord Jesus thank you for this song evrytime I hear it I automatically worship my lord speaking in toungues getting revalations, scriptures, seeing visions ohhh hearing all mighty God speaking to me God is is great ohh holy glory to Jesus my earfones are stuck in my ears as I am writting this am listening to it ohh God Holy Holy are u lord God almighty..................Jesus

Its inspirational | Reviewer: Pweshus | 2/5/13

I luv dis song with all my heart,it jst describes d awesomeness,mightiness nd purity of d most high God. . . . . .d thought of this song gives me more reasons y i should b in heaven with"HIS HOLINESS"...tnks michael,1 luv!

A majestic worship song | Reviewer: Cordie | 6/20/12

I truly love this song - it is one of praise, worship and recognition of the majestic power of the almighty Father. It isone of my favourite worship songs and I am truly thankful to the author and writer of this song for the blessings he has brought to thousands through the words of his song.

why does it ask the question,,,, | Reviewer: m. gant | 5/5/12

i think its meaning for you to ask the question to yourself... are you lord god ... so many confess lord and savior, but do we really show lord and savior... thats just what i get from it, i had the same question this past week..god bless

Holding Back The Tears | Reviewer: JBIgus | 12/25/11

Awsome, the first time I heard this song was on the WOW Gospel Christmas CD in my car. I kept repeating the song for 5 miles. I can't get it out of my head. I going to suggest to the music director at my church to have the choir sing this song. the way the CD is in my house CD player on repeat for the 10th time. I love it.

Nothing touches my heart more | Reviewer: Nic | 8/25/11

Listening to this wonderfull music - I feel the prensence of God. He gave us human beeings the gift of creating such music! Music that touches the hearts of men so deeply. May be for ME it´s the proof for his existance.

Agnus Dei | Reviewer: Margie | 2/28/11

I was sitting in church and they started playing this song I had never heard it before. I am a born again christian. I fell in love with it and cant seem to get it out of my head. What a wonderful song. God Bless Micheal for such a wonderfull song. I praise God for giving micheal the voice of worship.