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Elvis Costello Accidents Will Happen Lyrics

Last updated: 02/09/2009 10:00:00 AM

Oh I just don't know where to begin
Though he says he'll wait forever
It's now or never
But she keeps him hanging on
The silly champion
She says she can't go home
Without a chaperone

Accidents will happen
We only hit and run
He used to be your victim
Now you're not the only one

Accidents will happen
We only hit and run
I don't want to hear it
'Cause I know what I've done

There's so many fish in the sea
That only rise up in the sweat and smoke like mercury
But they keep you hanging on
They say you're so young
Your mind is made up but your mouth is undone


And it's the damage that we do
And never know
It's the words that we don't say
That scare me so

There's so many people to see
So many people you can check up on
And add to your collection
But they keep you hanging on
Until you're well hung
Your mouth is made up but your mind is undone


I know, I know, [Repeat]

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ET | Reviewer: HAMMY | 12/7/2007

THis song is in ET. Well not the whole song. Elliots brothers friend with the walkman is singing this song as he is listening to his headphones.

Great Song | Reviewer: Phil | 5/25/2007

Has to be my favorite Elvis Costello song, great lyrics and melody and the "I know" ending is classic.