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Avalon Abundantly Lyrics

Last updated: 04/18/2005 11:00:00 AM

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Life, lived in the world of chaos
leaves me feeling lost and so alone
oh, I'm searching for a reason to hold on
but i know there's new light with every dawn
where peace beyon my understand waits
through the power of the cross
christ will give new life

Abundantly, more than I could ever know
Where amazing is so ordinary
And mercy overflows
Abundantly, and love will open up my eyes
If I'm willing to believe
Christ will give new life abundantly

Now I give you my heart completely
It's the only way that I can truly live
Nothing that I have found could ever satisfy
Like giving you all of my life, oh, no
and thank you for the grace you showed to me
through the power of the cross
and the love that i recieve

see, I was looking for a reason
someone to carry me through, oh, yes
but, oh, I found the Lord in you

Abundantly, more than I could imagine
and so much more than I could ever know
Your love, your love
It's so amazing, yes, it is
and it has opened up my eyes
and now I'm willing to
I'm ready to believe, yes, I am
So much more than I could ever know

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