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.M. Jagger/K. Richards)

Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear?
Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can't say we're satisfied
But Angie, Angie, you can't say we never tried
Angie, you're beautiful, but ain't it time we said good-bye?
Angie, I still love you, remember all those nights we cried?
All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke
Let me whisper in your ear:
Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?

Oh, Angie, don't you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet
I hate that sadness in your eyes
But Angie, Angie, ain't it time we said good-bye?
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can't say we're satisfied
But Angie, I still love you, baby
Ev'rywhere I look I see your eyes
There ain't a woman that comes close to you
Come on Baby, dry your eyes
But Angie, Angie, ain't it good to be alive?
Angie, Angie, they can't say we never tried

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Angie by The Rolling Stones lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/11

First of all,Angie is NOT a love song. David Bowie never wrote it for his newborn baby Dandilion Angie. It was the great Keith Richards Who Wrote Angie,in Switzerland,stuck in a chalet detoxing off the heroin. Anbgie means heroin.

ANGIE | Reviewer: Angela Kessler | 6/30/10

In 1973 I had a wonderful FIRST Love with AL V. who could play gutair and sing this song to me. That was 45 yrs ago during that great "young love" romance that lead to a Indiana Farm hayloft in the middle of a tornado, but would not know for the moon was full that night and the wind whirled but I was caught up with the love of my life that night, to this day when I hear this song I think of him with a loving memory of what use to be. Even though the pain was great to part I would not have traded the time with him for anything in the world. I have been happily maried for 30 yrs to a wonderful man , and he to another woman who captured his heart,but who can forget their first love and that song brings it back. Thank you for that song and the warm memories attached to it for me.

Interesting tidbit about Angie | Reviewer: Romeo X | 2/22/10

Did you know that "Angie" was actually written by David Bowie for and about his wife, Angie(with whom Mr. Jagger had enjoyed in the biblical sense as well)and that "Rebel Rebel" was written by Jagger/Richards? Legend has it that these party animals had converged at a well known night club in London and had traded these two wonderful rock hits on an inebriated, yet coherently conscious whim. Bands enjoyed camaraderie and mutual respect in those days and such interactions were not uncommon. And, even a novice Stones fan can plainly see that "Rebel Rebel" has the Jagger/Richards formula and arrangements evident in every stanza of the song itself. In addition, both these songs became instant hits topping the charts the same year they were released.
To hear Wikipedia tell it: "Released as a single in August 1973, "Angie" went straight to the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and reached number five on the UK singles chart. Questions about the song's origins have never ceased. Despite wide-ranging rumors that "Angie" was written by Jagger about a relationship he had with David Bowie's wife Angela, Jagger denies this. Richards claims to have come up with the title and chord sequence a year before production on the album began. In the liner notes to the compilation disc Jump Back, Richards says, "I'd recently had my daughter born, whose name was Angela, and the name was starting to ring around the house. 'Angie' just fitted.". I learned otherwise.
Being a huge fan of both these artists (Bowie and the Stones) I had always had been aware that there was something odd about the supposed origin of both of these wonderful songs. While the Album "Goat's Head Soup" was produced by Jimmy Miller during 1972 and released in 1973, my suspicions were confirmed after many conversations with none other than the great engineer and producer of the Rolling Stones, Andy Johns (who as is well known, contributed greatly to their work with his brother Glyn Johns). Speaking of Andy Johns, no one can deny that the man is a master of masters.
Look him up on Wikipedia. To learn more, you might want to read a great article/interview with Andy Johns on MOJO magazine. In it, Andy gives readers a little peek into what it was like to experience working and playing 24/7 with the Rolling Stones during their best years in an exclusive first hand account to MOJO magazine. The link to the article may be found on the first page here: Enjoy!

angie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/08

I heard the song was about a girl named Angie that David Bowie used to go out with and Mick then went out with her too. I'll go look up what the song is really about as maybe I've been misinformed all these years!

Angie is Anita | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/08

I adore this song. I have read many Keith bios and it is said this is about the end of Keith & Anita's relationship. Due to heroin, they could not be together... one or the other was always using and bringing the other down. After the Toronto bust it became apparent that something had to give and that was the end of their common-law marriage. Sad what drugs can do. First we got Exile......... then when the H took over, it was Goat's Head Soup. With one good song. About Anita.

sweetest song | Reviewer: Mollay | 5/24/07

so brillaintly written I fell in love with this song when I first heard it! so good! Micky and Keithy at their best!

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