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Sex Pistols ANARCHY IN THE UK Lyrics

Last updated: 11/20/2014 02:44:23 AM

Right! NOW! ha ha ha ha ha

I am an anti-christ
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want but
I know how to get it
I wanna destroy the passer by cos I

I wanna BE anarchy!
No dogs body!

Anarchy for the U.K it's coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time stop a traffic line
your future dream is a shopping scheme

cos I, I wanna BE anarchy!
In the city

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best I use the rest
I use the enemy
I use anarchy cos I

I wanna BE anarchy!

Is this the M.P.L.A
Or is this the U.D.A
Or is this the I.R.A
I thought it was the U.K or just
another country
another council tenancy

I wanna be anarchy
and I wanna be anarchy
Know what I mean
And I wanna be anarchist!

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i wanna be : anarchy | Reviewer: ibrahim deathray | 11/19/14

about the comment above saying he doesnt understand "coz i wanna BE anarchy" says it doesnt make sense. i think johnny meant it as "coz i wanna be : ANARCHY" like "because i wanna BE. it has to be anarchy" like only in anarchy does he see himself BEING. like, coz i wanna be free it has to be anarchy. like that.

Pronunciation | Reviewer: Wallace and gromit | 9/30/14

He pronounced ''anarchist' to rhyme with anti-Christ. Also I don't know if it says " I want to BE anarchy". I mean, it sounds like that in the song, but that doesn't really make sense...

BE Anarchy? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

Is this definitely right? I'm not familiar with the original, only the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's cover, but it doesn't sound right...

Enemy | Reviewer: Gemma | 4/23/07

I think the line "I use the ENEMY" is wrong. It should say "I use the NME". NME is an acronym for New Musical Express, which was the leading music paper in the UK at the time.

great but.... | Reviewer: Jessica O'Banion | 2/12/07

the first anarchist is spelled wrong and it doesn't flow woth how he sings the song sometimes..
but otherwise really useful