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Isaiah Rashad shot you down Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2013 09:32:53 PM

I take a drag at the square
I feel anxious bit dangerous
It's a verbal appears, it's reflecting my perspective
Beer goggling fear
Roll model so hallow
Shallow adolescence in a gather of the bitches
Road to the riches still paved with the ditches
Get caught up in the hype
Your career is for a night
I ain't these other niggers
Cause these niggers is fake
They ain't popping shot
These niggers is poppin dot
If I ain't shining, beat me up in a rhyme spot
No crying till I'm in pine box
I got the bitches hitting Mikey
Like where zay at?
Probably fuckin on her friend
Probably la at
Probably plotting on a mil
Staying where fay at
Bitch don't run your mouth
We don't play that
Mama taught me better
Can't count on niggers
Can't count on weather
Go figure nigger!
They ain't worried about this cheddar
Them niggers just sky diving in my propellers
I don't tell'em
Ain't trying to be no freshman, I'm chilling
Cause they'll bring a knife to the fight
And I kill'em
Me and my niggers is hungry we're willing
To bring a little hoe to the party and Meek Mill'em
Yeah I feel like talking my shit
Come in the house, acting friendly,
You can suck my dick

I'm praying for some good rappers and a Fleetwood
Where I gotta bring my a game
You just d goods
We don't wanna hear that weak shit
Nigger speak up
Rocking old flows
Corn rows and a beeper
You niggers hoes
You niggers hoes
And I ain't even tripping
Cause we'll be laughing to the bank
And riding by these niggers
Mikey bring that mink with your low
Put the hood in the fucking trunk
And bring the party with me
I came, I saw, I conquered
I shot you down
Now yo brain don't have no conscious
What you do now? Now
I came, I saw, I conquered
I shot you down
Now I bang, I bang, I blocker
What you do now? Oh
No bitch ass rappers
I shot you down
No sensitive niggers
Hey I shot you down
No bitch ass rappers
I shot you down
No .... pussies
What you do now?
No I came, I saw, I conquered
I shot you down
Your brain no have no conscious
Don't make a sound
What you do now?