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Chris Morris Youngin With a Dream Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:10:01 PM

Good mornin'! Wake the fuck up!

Broke nigga finna rhyming till my stomach hurt
Never had a drier, used the line to dry my shirt
Mamma went to work, I used to sneak some hoes in
Then call my friends up and tell then who I'm hitting
It's always one nigga asking who they that friends
Nigga put me on, they be hitting like ten
I'll ride you, and buy too, all the honey came through
Then we gon'go high than a nerd's IQ.
And so I crossed the planet like a bird's eye view
Thumping on Biggie on my mom's drag room
Reciting all these rhymes till I got 'em all right
Had a dream sequence like, had a minute just to write
Shit, when I got my mike it was smth that I like
Fell in love with hip-hop, came to focus on my life
Realize, my friends would never trap a lie
With a couple of balls that they saying that this nigga hot!

I told niggas, man, it's gon'be a bright summer
Real, real, real bright summer
I don't even know, winter?
What time? February, though

Aye, yo, we started with a rhyme, yo
Snotty ass knows, yo
No shoes, tryna make a dollar off a rhyme, yo
Struggling, with high lows, so I make waffles
Just to show the niggas you ain't fucking with my life shit
Kick it like a high kick, better than your favorite rapper mind trick
And I'm just getting started, check the time, bitch
You e on the sideline, acting like high rich
And I be in the lime night, draped on the high shit
That's it, used to wait in line just to pause shit
Started wait my pitch, that's the line, shit
That's gorgeous, but feeling on my (???)
Sick around and bite, I need be cautious.