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Ro Ransom Yamato Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2013 04:49:13 AM

Throw dirt on my name
I just how you say it with your chest
Say whatever the fuck you want
As long as you say that I’m the best
You can say that I’m depressed like it’s sad
When I see the game it’s all bad
We ain’t the same I get mad
When I see these lames but I’m back
No rest and a half of …
Know all my exes front, pride and jealousy
Hate if you’re gonna hate me
Just know you can’t erase me
And one day you’ll have to face me
Baby, I dresh lavishly, some shit you have to see
I got savage teeth, y’all from average street
Live from legend lane, the first month the blessing came
93 he was born, the city was never the same
Self made nigga, fuck the public
Buy a lot of shit and thing nothing of it
Police men rappers always copin something
You want a verse from ro then get your budgets up
And think it over
Cause I fuck around and flat around one of you bitch made ass rappers

No, I don’t pop molly, but I pop tags
I don’t leave the boutique unless I got bags
Check my stripes, you fuckin with a real g
Man I had to quit the lean cause that shit almost killed me
New york, new york, wassup nigga, we started this
I got diamond skin, nigga who hard as this
Corner the market, it’s marvelous
Call it quicks I’m on some marshall, pac, lil wayne, sean con and shit
We just got a weather to storm
Do you know what it’s like to look in the mirror and wish you never was born
Then turn around and pain these thoughts in all these cleverous forms
Then go in the booth and lay the vocals with some eloquent charm
Y’all still ain’t catch up compared with my old shit
I don’t drop brand names, I’m wearin my own shit
So when you hear old problem, you scared but you won’t admit
It’s like everyone around is dead but they don’t exist
Not to me at least

Haven’t I been good to you? No
Tell me now, haven’t I been sweet to you? No

Coyote trigger mode
Let these niggas know that I am in a different zone
It’s dark in here I live alone
Teenage me was young and broke
I’m on the road to rich and grown
We got the jazz like a john stunting district malone
I have my light years, I was just fight fair
Keep sleepin on me, I’m a nightmare
Afraid to look back, they know I’m right there
I’ve got glacier blood, I shed ice tears
Roll a thunderstorm bitch, you like a light shower
You smuther me, to reach you it’s 90 flights downwards
I’m tall as dwight howard, standing on the eifel tower
And my bitch is white as powder
Junior pay to fight the power
Fuck the rap game, you can’t touch me
You wish you could though, you sam dusky
Just know that you can’t trust me
The plan’s lovely, as long as my fans love me
I keep droppin this godly shit y’all demand from me.