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Don Felder Wash Away Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:10:25 PM

We come down to the river to wash away the pain(to wash away the pain)

Don Delder:Hy! I'm Dad felder
Tommy Shaw: I'm Dan Felder!
Don Delder : That's Tommy Shaw
Don Delder: I was digling around on my studio one day and try to come up with a guitar part then litery on the second past the solo that you hear on the record came out. And irecord it on this tinie little cute bamp and I said 'Ok, when I get to the studio I'd liek to record this for real.' So when I took this sound into the studio they went 'That's fine we, don't have to re-recording that, it's perfect, that's it is.' I though I will call Tommy and see if he's is actualy in town and from some strange miracle he was on the road with stiks. He came over for a coulple of days, we set down with this track, he wrote some great lyrics with me on this trac Tommy Shaw: You know, when you hear something and it would...i sing what is sounding like it should be on the song.
Don Delder : And I was going through, you know, the separation with the Eagels then separation and divorce with my wife. I start writing this song indeas about, those was the feeling that I was going throguh and we want it to have the contain of the song findinf someway to wash our way, all that headake and pain that we all go through life. And Tommy how wash away the pain wich was perfect.
Tommy Shaw: You live long enough and you play long enough and things happen in your life and you know, I duess we have similar experiences we both able to relate.
Don Delder : That to me is really one of the keep of any great art so the ..write a moovie or hear a poetry or hear a song that relate to people on the human level experince that they have vofore or ioj the past, they they can see or feel that song and relate with Tommy it's just briliant. Tunning into that feeling and that emotion write a really great lyrincs for it. The song really came together very easily, music wise, lyrics wise, guitar part it was one of those things that shows up, you know, as the light fall.
Tommy Shaw: You know, you're really happy when pulled a good song out og, you know, the either. When you done that, it is, it's like, this is the next thing you need to go there. You're not trying to go 'What shouls this be...?' a song like this it really does make you feel like you're just doing thet will play on the radio. Don Delder: I'm Dad felder
Tommy Shaw: I'm Tommy Shaw
Don Delder: we'd like to thank you for all the support we see you guys when we come to the town.