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We ain’t really with that talkin’, bitch, we ‘bout that action…
He not ‘bout that life, man, catch him in traffic

We ain’t really with that talkin’, bitch, we ‘bout that action
He not ‘bout that life, man, catch him in traffic
We ain’t really with that talkin’, bitch, we love that action
I lost so many niggas I turned into a savage
In real life, no movie shit, bitch we clappin’
Where I’m from? This Chiraq, you get that fast attraction
Kicked your bitch to the curb, she was too dramatic
And where I’m from, that’s 300, “normal” spelled backwards

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
Got some lil’ niggas in the Chi-town
They ain’t ‘bout to be talkin’
Six-hundred horses in my town
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‘Cause I ain’t ‘bout to be walkin’
See I don’t know what the game’s about
But I ain’t ‘bout to be playin’
Nigga keep my name up out your mouth
That’s all the fuck that I’m sayin’
I ain’t never been no police
I ain’t never did no cuffin’
Nigga killin’ niggas in all your rhymes
Ain’t never did no bustin’
Countin’ the money took two days
Lil’ niggas’ll do ya for some new J’s
Real talk and that’s nothin’
Gloves on and that oven
Said she don’t get the good dick often
Now she ‘bout to be stalkin’
Got her on that killer kill
And that’s why the bitch coughin’
See my targets flippin’ like Gabby
They be doin’ gymnastics
Nigga I ain’t high and I ain’t hard to find
If you look for me, I’m in traffic


[Verse 2: Lil’ ‘Reese]
Let a nigga go in on me? I can’t imagine
But I’m out here in these streets – catch me in traffic
My niggas shoot for free, they’ll let you have it
My niggas do for me, ain’t no way around it
Bloodhound for that money, bitch, I gotta have it
Goin’ crazy – twenties, fifties, hundreds, bitch, I’m cashin’
And I ain’t really with the talk, bitch, I’m money stackin’
And he ain’t really ‘bout that life ‘cause he don’t love that action
And they don’t come from where I come from
They weren’t born a savage
Late night shit – catch him in traffic
I ain’t really gotta talk, bitch, catch me in traffic
And you know I got it on me, so I’m never lackin’


[Verse 3: Twista]
Lights, camera, action, nigga…
But this ain’t no motherfuckin’ cinema
Finna send it up, dude, not true, screws not loose
Tupac, Juice, nigga, hit ‘em up
Niggas don’t know how to argue
Killer hard shit when you see the mob thick in the whip
Now you car’s hit, niggas’ loose lips
Talkin’ nonsense, feel the contents of a clip
Whatever you wanna do we can take it there
Niggas around me want action
Like a rhythm or tick
Forty calibers and nine millimeters equal subtraction
They could pull up in the Jag with the runner on the side
Level opposition with the creep-creep
Beep, beep! Put ‘em in a deep sleep
See the way Reese or Chief Keef make beef brief
Beast teeth, I’m a motherfuckin’ monster
Eatin’ up anybody that’s comin’ at Windy City grind
What you know about them niggas
pullin’ up on the side of your Mercedez in traffic hittin’ it 50 times?
Don’t get into it with ‘em, they gon’ let you have it
You might end up in a coffin, you can call him Casket


We ain’t really with that talkin’, bitch, we ‘bout that action…
He not ‘bout that life, man, catch him in traffic

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------ Performed by Lil Reese

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------ 11/23/2014

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