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Chaos Chytist Tisha Story I Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2013 06:28:19 PM

Tisha 16 she dropped out of school/
To busy gettin high thinkin it was cool/
Her boyfriend name Travis & he 28/
He just came home from jail from doing 8/
Tisha just found out that she was pregnant/
now she smoking cigarettes cuz she keep stressin/
She broke the news to Travis , he said Go & Kill it/
but she's too young to go to the Abortion Clinic..Damn/
Tisha Need a Plan B , but she's too busy gettin High on Molly/
Her Momma Kicked her out , now she's on the Streets/
& her daddy just got locked up by the police/
Tisha All alone & she Gotta eat /
So she decides that she gon sell her Body/
She all depressed cuz she just lost her baby/
& now she's working for a pimp named Poppy/
Poppy Cleaned her up & got her sellin drugs/
He trust her so much he let her meet the plug/
He said stay loyal & we gon be good/
One day we gon make it out this F**kin Hood...Damn/
Tisha just turned 18/
& she just sold her first Brick of Cocaine/
She feel like she's the Queen of the dope Game/
Tisha Got robbed they took Everything/
Tisha called & told poppy what had happen/
Poppy said i already Heard What Happen/
Poppy Grabbed his AK up off the dresser/
& said ima let these muthaf**kas Have it..Damn/
Poppy met tisha at the Waffle House /
He said ima give these niggas somethin to talk about/
Poppy passed her a Glock & said i got the drop/
We gon get these lil niggas when they walkin out/
Tisha all nervous she never shot a Gun/
It's too late for her to turn back & run/
Poppy said you better be ready to shoot/
After everything that i did for you/
He seen 3 niggas walkin outside/
Tisha so scared that she closed her eyes/
He started walking towards them & He Opened fired/
He hit one nigga in hit Upper Thigh/
One of em shot back the other niggas ran/
Hit Poppy in his chest now he's bleeding Damn/
Tisha Gunned him down now its looking tragic/
She looked him in the face , damn it was Travis ..../

Thanks to underlord