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Hit Skrewface Thot Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2014 04:27:43 PM

Feat. Freddie Gibbs

Man, that girl hot, but she's a Thot (she's a thot)
I swear that bitch hot, but she's a Thot
Giving up the pot to every nigga on the block
Yeah, she like to fuck a lot
She's a Thot, she's a Thot
Man, that girl hot, but
She's a Thot, she's a Thot
I swear that bitch hot, but
She's a Thot, she's a Thot

You a lame bitch nigga, fuck that hoe
Every nigga in the hood that made her sucking,
Fuck that hoe!
Why you round this motherfucker, tryna fuck that hoe?
She around a pretty hall, yeah, that nigga fuck that hoe
Then I love that hoe, we call her baby Anthrax
Round double cloth, cause shawty make that ass clap
Now who in here that? I bet she go
She be into fucking brothers on the low
Man, how the fuck, they don't know
What you fast the deal and lock 'em
Know the money si the only motif
Where this bitch the code is
In and out, I hit the strip, club shaking ass
And she ain't fucking with no credit, all she take is cash
And for the right price, nigga, you can have a nice night
But you better use a Jimmy if you want a nice life
She had that ass burning at the clinic
And when you ain't around, anybody could be in it


Ready? Superhot, she work here on my block
Get my car, deliver man, I don;t even have to hit the lot
So when it comes to the bitches man
Either fuckin' or you not
Straight sex and shit
And no extra shit
Yo, what's your name bitch?
I forgot
All I got is pennies for my thots
Rapping with baby mommas
And Thot Rhiannas
Put that on mine like yur bitch
Was a certified pussy popper
She out here with that Rango
Don't play the straight pussy lane
Heard she need a redneck, straight Anthrax
You the last nigga gettin' on the train