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Raz Simone These Kids Throw Rocks Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 01:50:48 PM

It doesn't help that I have to perform miracles
Before I get the recognition of my song
I remember they told me spit it in the clear tongue
You're too raspy youngin and you sound too old
But I live in the place where people's dreams going to die,
SO excuse me if I have wrinkles on my brown under my eyes
My mama felt truth in the stomach amongst some of the lies,
Getting Raped by a close friend can f*ck up your life
But some good, could come in disguise,
Is quite a thin line between love and despise
I'm touching her thighs she feels the numb in her spine,
I'm f*cking them eye, having a threesome so making love to a crime,
This is the year of the plentiful
the successful career of a criminal
when amongst priest the size is time to hit the road
the sadder day when the rap I decide to lip the law
Flippin' the roads, skippin' a few stones to the sea,
The lack of a helpy feel like what could God do to me,
I move with ease to the things the people used the..
and scream up about, whose their dreams about beside to choose to ease your rout
we need to drawl just we can now we need the clouds
we need the jury just so we can go and deep the trowl,
feeding now from other ..these niggas speaking out,
they writing checks they can't connect I had to freeze account,
greasy mouths the type of friends to hit the weed and bounce,
I study horticulture just so I can weed em out,
the bitch niggas that give beat up home and beat their spouse,
we don't know participate but at least we allow

I like my car parked at the block
Take my tape account and keep my car doors locked
these kids throw rocks and
these kids ain't got..
I like my car parked at the block
Take my tape account and keep my car doors locked
these kids throw rocks and
these kids ain't got..

Mhm, I had the flow ten times harder than these Seattle cats.
who makes albums out of battle rap,
them niggas snitch on em and then the tattle back
Its sad that they use some other drugs and now they have them trapped
I'm fronting them a pack and I never ask from the cheeder back,
'cause they must need it
Rehab is above they budget cap I wish there was a law
that only frail niggas can fucking rap
they mugging me I'm bucking back
Whoops there goes another strap, f*cking raz you're f*cking right
I'm f*cking spas, I was taught never shoot a shot with a shaky hand.
glad I had an absent father not an angry dad,
being a bastard child, never made me mad,
you had to be sitting down and laying down to taking stand,
I'm knocking on pearly gates, standing on golden floors,
the demons are scared to say my name, Voldemort,
hold the sword, go to war chop a neck with no remorse,
then pretend I actually give a f*ck when I go to court,
deep wounds, strangle souls are opened soars,
I did what any D-Boy does when they close the ports
and shit, resorted to more resourcefulness,
Extortionist turned a rich man to a contortionist.

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