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J. Avery The Way Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2013 08:33:34 AM

The way you give it to me

Wait, wait wait!
Long days at the bus stop
Couple pre roll Jays in my lunch box
You could tell that I'm a stoner from the huff size
Time to make a major comeback
On the tough loss
Yeah, cold bruise and old shoes
Oh that shit old bitch what you all new
Feeling so cool riding in this old school
Pull up to the studio record this shit I broke to
Yeah, I'm feeling like a don
Cause everywhere I go got a model on my arm
Man we all to the break of dawn pouring up the glass
You're rolling on my reefa while I'm rolling on the ass
Every day we living fast can't afford to miss a minute
And I'm on the top position, I will grind until I get it
Yeah, if I said it then I meant it
Uh, if it's popping then we in it
Yo, if you ride it better tin it in
I'm shopping like I hit the lotto you can get I'm fitted
Yeah, 300 for the shoes
See we be cashing out
We're not your average dudes
Them ice cold kids yeah we not your average crew

Hey ok
First to gimme something new
Roll a couple blunts and told the bitches bring the booze
Play that Marvin Gaye, get these bitches ion the mood
Like I said dog, we're not your average crew
We be touching paper like a college institute
Asking hella questions like a fucking interview
I'm bout to make a million what the fuck you finna do
But I'm just being honest cause my ego kinda huge
Everywhere we go a different chick is tryna chose
And I hate to be the bearer of bad news
But cash rules yeah
So you better get yo money right
How you focus you looking like a funny guy
Living on the sunny side I'd be feeling excellent
All these haters bitches, pussy full of estrogen
Yeah and my pedigree is excellence
I know what I want form life and you'd be on the fence for shit
But either way it goes girl
Yeah, I love the way you give it to me
Give it to me
Way you give it to me
The way you give it to me