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Audible Doctor The Vibe Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:23:24 PM

Better late then never!
Out or without, what's up man?
It's Oddisee on the rhymes
This beat is hot

I never in my life found compromise
Enough from that one right will come from last
I read between the raps to fin the greater truth
Woof in the lines, a this design
Bomb shit, I'm all Mister brains
So my mom with the taints
You on with the bangs and you on with the taints
All shit on top of freedom music
I'm rocking before some rap when we use it
I like the sound of it when the speaker's using
It's improbable but in the public we become ...stupid
And to know me is to know the spoken
Word is...and I tend to love it
Can't let the people lose it
If I am home and this shallow rapping on deeper music
The shadow rack on my...maybe cause seem as music
Suction is the lyrics you can see the movement
If I the building, niggers sick improvement

The phenomenal, I regard your tape words
From leaking dominos to serve you birds like your momma do
You nerd to fly the coup
With all the...
Lesson heard enough to burn your molecules
Your black and white dogs acting for me like your mama do
Whenever they severed the pours are lying cruse
You swallow garbage, I try to follow the ...true cause
You trust another obstacle to power through what
You think I give a flying fuck about your wee flow?
Keep the...and Imma keep riming on your feast flows
You fucking lose, ain't no cheap hoe to be smoke
That could drop your whole block
From the hark off to each quote
Try to give then what they missing
Then speak cap
So get back before they leave them torn from the diction
So the babies born with the vibe already in their system
The niggers making famous I'll say
But in spite of the satellites, we blame it on life
Life misses on...don't blame it on life
What kind of hard debating the thrill of y'all flavors
Switch misdemeanors to matters via standards
Mama took a pledge to the ten crap commandments
I grew up sick, sixteen to get it
Handed up my ones to put the ...into it
Rhyme like I'm outta my mid trying to sing
You the god like I'm into
Bars to scars see through the clench you
Rain pouring on me flipping through
A verbal... off this fluff talk
Feel on your board game, board card
Whatever with whoever bath
Get on my portion, you need the V pack