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Al-Doe The Vatican Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2012 08:34:31 PM

Not playing with these niggas no more man
Not playing with these niggas no more man
We fill lobbies with dope, day dreaming of bugattis and boats
Fascinated watching in and using godie for quotes
I heard them folks wanna get rid of me
Small things, still getting neck in that ghost
Paranormal activity,
With so matics for cheap, that's not a rolex, that's a paddock felick
Lil nigga, find it funny you gods finished
Switching up phones, no plans, we buy minutes
It's not a gimmick, they know we sell yay
Cigar life, imported from where fidel stay
Rappers soaking my talk, I'm on a tour 2
12 cities, only difference I'm bringing I'm bringing raw too
Made a dada them corners barely
Now I'm making slots out them bitches they wan marry
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Huh, round table where the guards at
Play with the base pull strings where my guitar at nigga
Tryina front on my name, same nigga that's on me
Brought put in the name, I jumped in the range
He asked me nigga what you tryina do
Said I'm still moving work nigga what you tryina do
Most pillars, sweat loafs, no spice, gorilla, base coke, that low price
Dick can, top 4, my su butter, exchange numbers with kimmy right after crew summer
Haha, I'm just dishing them game, close drug inspire to, teeth Christopher cane nigga
I've been the nicest, underrated and overlooked
But when it comes to that coke, I ain't that, I'm over booked
My feet nasty, you know the cakes long
White girl mob crib of that keashian
I heard them talk about yay, but we be at the docks
Never seen a rapper walk my way.