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Reks The Molotov Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:28:03 PM

One, two, three, shit
I though a Molotov fall from the ruf top, now how ride it?
No my team it's too sadist
I am sort of what you call a recorder, a lyrical case to start over
Power to the paper call it 'can't rap, no more, I split order
Miracle, lyrical authors 'til they know positive, it's only you can swallow, I'm the main washed up ', when I doc in the top '
And come now one of us, get down when the gun's out
Your body's inhe paddle
No square in the hood, when they think they ready to hustle
So, let's go get the papers,
Seven a.m and I'm waking up my neighbors
Revolution, cocktail, blast in the speaker
You're rich 'ause I'm just down '
I must now speak to the beat cause my the rhythm '
Every since feed us consider in ' us
'cause I was born in a bus'
I've been better then I ever be
Have a since, have my intelligence
To be reveled, to not go to any lever that they ask
Feeling it, yes I am
Keep killing, come again
Hurt a little bit to be this sick and it not
Click no enemy...I'm realistic
One, two, three, shit
Pain attention, reballs this old shit
Once some come get some, in this...boy
The voices and noises in head
Telling me to hang up ..
I'mma sells all .., right in this '
Please don't be freeing, I the '
Get back to me, so how can we,
Be equivalent, no sure, not go sure to say we're similar
So I just bust it all when I am pilling on
Pussy got typical, play boy, send a '
When the coal when the flow, when the walls disappear
I would be here snapping head shot
Slap in the chap, chap, chap,
Over the night 'and the mean '
Many of you panic '
And repeat 'big, big, big deep in the streets flow out of here and see, you could be nice with that might don't like
Yo,go get your bread with no hesitate
And it's on fire and it along bong-bong-bong had a gun, little boy
Republic enemy, ', he finish yea
One, two, three,