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Kanary Diamonds Skeme (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/15/2013 07:20:07 AM

I ride for my niggas dawg,
I ride for my bitches ya’ll.

I laugh at niggas games they blind a room rippin’
we are not the same if that bitch my nigga we eat
never knew the nigga for nothing accept come and check
that I handle mind on my own, not the real one,
I’m in touch with myself, okay assume
niggas beat line, plan to feel like sew be
what I look like, I’ma fall for anything
how could we get more robel, to queens they roll mcqueens
Cleopatrinary, Nefertiti down
only fools fall in love huh, franky line
I stay patient waiting for perfect time
and I knew when it came to rhyme and they had to follow like Simon,
did a few songs with Game, gave me an opportunity
didn’t like the state in the diplomatic comunity,
my emancipation build up frustration
you’re talking bout the date I’m talking central pay for my bitches!

Hey, I ride for my niggas dawg.