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Dash D Cadet She Want Da D Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2013 07:57:33 PM

She on, I can tell she on it
I know that she need it,
looking like she want da D
all the girls be on it,
all the girls they want it,
acting like you don't,
but I can tell you want da D

I can tell she on my shit
I could tell she want da D
I could tell she on my shit
I could tell she want da D

All the girls they need it,
all the girls they fin it,
all the girls they seen it,
I could tell she want da D

Your girl she on it, she on it,
your girl she want it, she want it
handcuff your woman 'cause I can tell she want da D
She on it, I can tell she want it,

Uh she see the.. she had the shit that we doing,
she she poppin', we poppin' too
I'm molly out it I already pop the few
Oh shit! Hoes all in my dick,
and I made a mistake, gotta came here with my bitch
they want the nigga I know, she tryin to hola that show it
that'syour girl I'ma steal her, I'ma jack around..
she stuntin on these hoes, but she can't help to look when I pass her
stumbin over her worse 'cause she can't come up with her answers
she party hard she dancin all of her friends ask what I asked her
she turn around, she smiling me and satrting shake that ass faster
I'm rolling smoking on cancer, I'm grinding on the ground dancer
I can tell you want it baby, I can be your romancer,
I don't act up just back it up,
don't ..that's upon to me,
she f*cked up, so stuck up, I can tell she want the dick,


She keep it persistent so good, she got my attention
you passed the audition I put it all in your vision
the dickaholic, could take a sip of this dickens
and spots about nigga with a lot of ambition
I think this should get f*cking get higher than a college tradition,
put that on my life, you're gonna love me after the night
let's skipping with me, you're realize niggs ain't been f*cking right
I put it down, put it down like that and ..take flight
I could tell she bitch she as fuck, how she miss some dick in the light
if I'm not the type I guarantee that this dick is her type
last night she met it on don't stripe,
so there she was scared that it might bite,
you can might that thing, look a new flight
you can ..straight girl, never go..
you can make a cheatty bitch, you can make it there..
it could tell you enemy to your best friend,
my dick she love it, she love it.
she kiss it and she hug it my dick, your bitch
his friend look in the.. she want it.