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Makeba Riddick Shake Your Body Down Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2013 07:58:47 PM

Shake your body down down down down down..

Let's go for a ride on a merry go round
I've been whipping all my hair laughing just like a clown
let's turn it up, let's turn it up
let's turn it up, turn it up.

We can get you fire on the center of the floor
that's what I'm feeling when you give me up and down on your floor
I'm burning up, I'm burning up
I'm burning up, burning up.

Pre Chorus:
While the music is playing right inside your heart
we're lost and just don't move
give me all your love, your love, your love.

I just wanna shake your body down tonight
a chance we gotta take, don't worry about the time
I just wanna shake shake shake your body down down
Moving on the floor, can't you hear the sound?
Oh oh oh oh oh..

Animal desire welcome over me
the way you're staring through my eyesmake it easy to breathe
Now you're the one, we're getting close
hit down my heart, a battle on.

[Pre Chorus:]

It's so hot in here
feeling movement now
shaking back and forth
what are we doing now?
Playing on the floor
going through now
I guess you love me for it
just wanna let you down.

Oh oh ohh oh, oh oh oh oh..