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Roc Marciano Rocky ll Lyrics

Last updated: 10/31/2012 07:48:42 PM

Yeah hundred block shit, I'm drop six
Yeah hundred block shit, I'm drop six
raps on the fiss look how sport tips
do wrote the fifth I roll the trips with the peps
lost my inner sense
prince, play the bench,
pay the rent I never stayed the shit the day I was pitched
I took it like a man and not a bitch
came home they saying lams claim the throne
and I was flown to be painted in Rome
raise the crown, the ball made the may grown,
chain kept London they cold
work them niggas tryin to eat the settle,
my team squeeze metal,
..tea cattle, my feed is in the ghetto
glee pressed to be my petals
here where all rose leave to the devil
peace to dream both about to happen the cream goes
sees the color we told
Reloaded bitch,
I pull up the horse and fuck the head off of course spare off
white to chicken brought off the shorts
count your blessings, this is the essence
book the sessions, this is all .. dressing
and balance when I'm stepping with my..
new 7 church..the reverent, tramp are caking the collection palte
I just ate my lips taste the crush grapes,
caught the story in the cave see my image and grave
decide the whole ways, fades with the water waves
and small range, the lord came to claim my remains
and it rained for forty nights and days
deep for the music in the romantism are all the fact
my skater than the Godfather had
attached with the ex I was sculpted in wax
my features won't show up in the photograph

Reloaded bitch