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Mo The General Quarter Cake Lyrics

Last updated: 11/20/2013 01:06:19 AM

Moving general
Tight from music
Light the music
Court the kay

Crush grapes in the wine glass
Change shock with ice chocke like laciest
Gonna make shest that will mills that cell D
So I can take off the whole game with courtesy
A luxury like need em all before
Whisper Gucci curtains in his suicide doors
Hollywood stores even know who we are
We young back hustlers, so made it through the door
Rose from the slums, nigga and dime drugs,
Big face benges never had the small ones,
Now I break ready and give flows to my sons,
So now I'm home really shine like one
J from the son getting teens that I leisure,
When is just fly letters new face back in heaters
Life is much feeder, mast and cars and pieces
Credit school birth to get away from many dealer
Models in the villa, see from mass shriller
Jets never bounce, keeps stacks and higher bounce
And money wrote from sippers on the deck of the house
Whether man gorgeous Benz that's some porter
This the every thug from the pain to the coffain
They can be they can be import on the curve from the lost ones
Self made steady and then travel the whole atless
And I can think rap then my God giving talent.

Get your money dollar bill
Everything around free.

You know what it is nigga

Probably could my environment nigga I gotta make it
To change my environment never be wanna fake it
Tryin to drive a courter to seven roller no 88
It's on the paper chase I'm still rocking the moose laces
Trying to get the place when they don't speak the language
Like it's sacred, champagne wasting
Spinning a nigga for one kay on the bracelet
Welcome to a spot and I ain't even gotta say a shit
They know my money could have slow question
Last time I came through, but the whole section
Luckily I've never been no section in
But I knew the struggle of having the empty plate
That's why I strive for the better eat and good and every day
Stacking the same that's my umbrella for the money days
And for the hood I want to kiss the really plate
Give em boys two and they ain't even gotta pay

Get your money dollar bill
Everything around free.
Get the get the get the green

Get the dollar dollar bill yall