Into The Light
   ------Salvador Santana

It’s mean December in the shaded in the triple digits
I see land minds blowing up in the distance
eyes open mouth shut so I speak up to remove the doubt
and I can hear the low harm of a thousand voice crying out
on the battlefield gun fire camouflage
the enemies now approaching but it’s only a mirage
the media tells me what’s right and what’s wrong
uh, creating wide spread it and sell it like a hit song

Life, truth or a lie
hold your hand high
he rose our war before our eyes
follow your heart and your free your mind
free your mind,
signs fall from the sky
now is the time
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you only won’t give up the fight
out of the darkness into the light, to the light

I can hear your voice inviting me to a higher ground
when everything around us seems lost I know will be found
and shatter all the..that were let to believe
yeah in the end all we want what we proceed what we perceive



[2 x Chorus:]

Now is the time