------Travi$ Scott

[Hook x4]
I had to get her right
That pussy changed my life (straight up)
That pussy changed my life (straight up)
That pussy changed my life (straight up)

[Verse 1]
Wake up in the morning
Throwin on them Nikes
Runnin through that check
Shout my nigga Phil Knight
Oreos in Oregon State
Pop twenty pills in the night
Goin a thousand miles in another state
They ain’t oreos but they bright (straight up)
Clap it break that back
She just made a stack
Niggas in that trap
Still totin’ them straps
If you make it where im from
Its like a lone star in the sky thats all black
A menage a trios with black dikes
Damn thats the new civil rights (straight up)
Accidentally walked in the club
All these bitches bite
Told my mama fuck a major
Best decision of my life (straight up)
Now niggas in the corridor
Im velvet down to my corduroys
Got bottles by the cases
Pussy by different races

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2]
Purp in my itch palms, red lips six inches long
Took her like a hooker now come get your Shaun
I left her outside, I left her mouth dry
Feed her to the mountain lions, cause that bitch try countin’ mine
Pussy, nigga yous a pussy nigga just a pussy nigga
You be doushin’ I be pushin’ ether
Bitch, you fuck boy cunt
Wont be satisfied until I see ya’ll sufferin’ in the sun
Chiefin’ while I’m beefin’ turn me odds to evens
My lawyers are some heathens beat it
Blowin’ on some on reefers
If you didn’t want to w.. then why you’d wage it then?
I only wear jeans, I could fit a gage up in
I’m so high right now look like major pan
Amazing, junkie jit came up major in
Trench team, ten dip, red beam, laser tag
Bring it, what you got police and pistols dont phase your man

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Look up at my eyes and I know you see a bad guy
Try to front on us, man you better ask them last guys
Suicide doors pull up when we ride by
Goon niggas hop with guns fuck a drive by
Smokin’ weed on the jet, bitch I’m fly hgh
You don’t wanna give me neck? bitch its bye bye
On to the next bitch, I hope she buy buy
Cause I love brickses they love bitches they love bitches
Fuckin’ on they friends and I love fuckin’ on they sisters
Bad bitches roll my swishers, God damn Im that nigga
Smokin on that reefer thinkin how can I get richer?
Damn shawty bad like the old Detroit Pistons
Damn I wanna fuck when I hit I’m gettin’ Misses
Treat her like shit man its fuck a bitch feelings
Money stacked tall man its touchin my ceiling
Money stacked tall man its touchin my ceiling


[Verse 4]
Holy moly
All them niggas dead
All them pussies fed
Let em live? meh
Young owl in the dark
Thought he’d make it, never
Do you hate cause they know
I’mma be here forever (straight up)
Never fuck with the black and blue
Duck cause a nigga might shoot
Shocked what a nigga might do
Young nigga blessed like a nigga AH-CHOO (bless up)
In the Mo they smokin’ raw diesel
Evil Knievel whip pullin off in the dust (skurrt! skurrt!)
Throwin’ flame rocks when a bitch might jerk (straight up)
Bouncin’ this bitch like it tennis
Vitches still eatin at Denny’s
Hotels phones Im talkin that business
Came up with the ones that was with me
Beside nigga, you niggas forside me
She off shoe with that Snooki
Dont fall in love with that pussy (straight up)
I had to get her right, that pussy changed my life (straight up)