Shooting Star
   ------David Rush

Party rock L-M-F-A-O
Shake that [2x]
Move that
Shake that

We like to party rock and we came to lose control (Shake that)
Came to keep the party people dancin 'cause we (L-M-F-A-O)
Well I'm Redfoo and I'm Sky Blu and we brought some friends along (Shake that)
Young Boss, Kevin Rudolf, and Pitbull, they gon' help you sing this song.

[Chorus 4x]
I love just who you are,
I ain't gon' try to change ya.
You are a Shooting Star,
That's why you are my favorite.

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I caught her when she fell from heaven.
One to ten, baby girl's an eleven.
And I ain't tryin to spit no game,
But I'm tryin to figure out from where you came
Because a star like hers,
Man, it really occurs in a world like this,
Only way you ever meet a girl like this.
Get up in a spaceship and take that trip.
We kinda have a way with words.
We even start a convo to get at her.
Every other (shake that) becomes a blur.
Be my mistress, I'll be your sir.
I love her, the way she is,
the way she are, my shooting star.
And I pray that you never change. (Never ever change)
Just stay the same 'cause...

[Chorus 2x]

Look up in the sky.
It's a bird it's a plane.
Nah baby girl,
that's a shootin star with your name.
I ain't gonna lie,
I've told a lot of lies and played a lot of games
But with you it's not the same.
For you, Im'ma ride.
I want you by my side,
I feel like them ghetto boys. (She playin with my mind)
Im'ma tell you one more time. (She playin with my mind)
For you Im'ma grind.
You were there through the pain.
You stood right by me, thanks to you I survived.
I guess it's true what they say,
Love is blind.
We together til the day that we die.
Until death do us part.
Baby you my heart,
they can take all the houses and the cars.
But they'll never take my shooting star.

[Chorus 2x]

Shake that.
Move that.
Shake that. [2x]
Move that.
Shake that.

[Chorus 3x]

Shake that