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We used to play all in the rain

Y'all I remember them crazy days and they ..
I'ma catch your face in the rain and watch it make her fade away
He was pure I promised you I would stay away
Left for the weekend came back and heard you gave it away
Couldn't believe it plus my family break it inot pieces
My pop's cheated now my mama been searching for Jesus,
My sister in Atlanta my other one just defeated
And the woman that I can't stand the one that to be with
Not defeated just the team raising my brother
Saving the little money that I have my mom through the struggle
So my brothers every now and then but now I'm like f*ck them
I try to let em in on the benz but I can't trust them
It's disgusting how these niggas act,
You're my childhood one perfect but I would do anything just to get it back
But now my grandma around it ain't the same I wanna go back to the days we used to play out in the rain.

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We used to play all in the rain

Y'all, without a question second guess and some things,
Y'all better feed off and stand next to a king,
Confessing my flows but yeah I'm still the best in the ring finer
Put my parts on the missing, angry man
Heard you got a swing like my type, heard the life fighting
Wish to convert that in the box,
Nigga switch my ..slowly I got it pop
My nigga got pop pop, then I stop, f*ck life, f*ck life,
F*ck a scent, first starting the train, my brother in the pen and I'm still looking for revenge,
Walking down my hood reminiscent bout my keen,
Now I'm sitting in this dance and I'm in it with this pen,
Then again, we would jump man with no guy,
Just tryin' to avoid troubles, smoking weed no violence,
We ain't hiding, .. life and get paid,
We was never afraid it was the ..

We used to play all in the rain

Y'all I ride my bike to the neighborhood that you lived in,
Mama was asleep, cracked the window then let me sleep in,
Lost track the time conversation into the sun came up
you fell asleep on my chest then I left the women different,
intentions to f be everything that you ever invision
so you're kissing another nigga, hit em and got suspend it
guess my lesson learned, hit it off my chest when I express with works
it's all a lie until if they tell you it's better left than heard
and just you heard of me, I'm dwelling on the negative,
I struggle then I hustle jet, but yeah that's getting repetitive,
Let's now forget them crazy summers that we always had,
Until '64 bumping Michael Jackson bed,
Hit the pad playing tag with my friends in the corner stack,
Cooper pretending I'm shining .. shit,
.. up and things change, I wanna go back to the days we used to lay all in the rain.

We used to play all in the rain

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------ Performed by Futuristic

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------ 11/23/2014

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