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Vado One Time Lyrics

Last updated: 06/03/2012 04:34:41 AM

Foul play, keep still don’t violate
can’t sleep when tryin to meet mills so why lay
forty cal spray, over some dry yay
light a J wit a bay cooler than shawtay
it’s him again, flow hard as timbalan's
hoody on, got em' scared of these bars like zimmerman
hear the bickerin, let me zip up my zipper then
they broke ain’t no fixing it
every watch is from Switzerland
hand on the kay, standin on stage
the same niggas that hate, be a fan of his page
last deal had me feelin like a man in the cage
the rap I demanded a tray
past leavin, like this is my last season
keep a pair, hard to get airs like bad breathin
niggas acting like hoes they drag queenin
let em burn you a waste the sperm, bad semen

I gotta get mine speed up ma slow grind
yo slime there go one time

uhhh, get yo mine on the hustle
over time, on the grind make it bubble
learn to play, never slide from the huddle
I could dig in without the lime and the shovel
just came out, brung a lot of cane out
me and kane now bugging smoking our brains out
reckless when I talk like hearing Dame's mouth
the gameout, whole team here this a maych house.
mask and glove in the glove compartment
I beg you pardon I leave you departed in you’re apartment
got a shooter wit a beard like James Harden
jays on em' clubhouse seats the game started
all my niggas up, move the cause, live it up
me in these condos bored, like call some bitches up
hard to reach me my numbers is always switchin up
like throwin broads in the air we never bitchin up

I gotta get mine speed up ma slow grind
yo slime there go one time

I see them, no, turn around act like were chillin
after they cruise by just meet me back in the building
stack a mill, you ain’t got it, I had a feeling
I’m sixery staring looking up like it had a ceiling
this for the niggas thats on they trap shit
on the ave wit stash, crack, and they chopsticks
I stash crack the...inside pocket I got it like what you girls want

I gotta get mine speed up ma slow grind
yo slime there go one time

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