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Ceo OMG Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 07:09:58 PM

Just breathing, breathing, left no space
Find the ways to lift me out this maze
Just a rookie and its rollercoaster ways
Never thought soon, someday I would float
Inside a grace of life, she's like O
Favorites sound silly O
And this summations swallow blood, colors the sun
Just keep it pure, keep it down in deeper way

You can ride your life and she's like O
Baby boy, I'm your realest fan
See, I'm like wham, bam, thank you, mam
And she like, ' stuttering
Yep, she's like damn
I keep on falling for the same old scam
See, I'm like I guess it's all part of your master plan
And she like, the sounds are sure but keep them fluttering

Take me now, let's go forever
Just take a bow and get on my level
Take the vow, just the fear, let it fly
Take me now, let's go forever
Just take a bow, we in this together
Like bow wow wow, it's the sins, let them fly
Now or never