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Karriem Riggins Matador Posse Cut Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2013 06:53:07 PM

To chill a homie, ghost face
Kill it, roll it, not fine to leave.
Wizard of words in sheets, sterile is obsolete
Walk up, pit it, psychic range, sweaty palms is on defeat.
This slurge speech I take with all the great soul, in to see
To all the archery, aim out for the heart to eat.
Act right, activists plans without the pharmacy
Courtery, Sean Connery, mile’s honesty.
Pops’ tendency to get unreal,
Denyble, unstoppable, models get in the car.
Problems, no, I got cages, but fast I can’t drink ‘em all,
Could be stuck cooking that raw in the kitchen kissing that wall
To the all sit up might down, with the back at that black fall
Explode, explanation to save a soldier soul
Can’t wait for the pain of a wetter rain, air coat
Maintain, guess a nigger never told you.
I’m a gun told, movie goer, fans of rock and roll
To the money sends the two way Motorola.
Snow bunnies on a two day lay over
International roller, enter nation rollers
Beating till the wheel fell over and get the bottom smoking
Rapping eye got the us open
More trees that east Oakland, overseas flowing.

When me at the mic is like the place get like oh, yeah
We get that, we get that, we get that globe.

You, name droppers, I am no star for you to swam,
I’m a storm, you ain’t feel the raindropper
The fame make my friends pop up,
I’m free, fuck us all, put the big B, spell my name proper.
Half head stroke, taking pieces of troll,
So I write rp pieces for half pole.
They like four leaves clovers that can’t go
They go for the gas, though.

It’s bad time in these late nights
I’m trying to do dinings and eat right
There ain’t no time toring for seeing sights
See for go hard, seek while I’m eating rice.
All, I should eat some rice
It’s public speaking, seeking a bigger size.
Ain’t a creature with its feet my snicker’s size
Least that is Jesus Christ.

When me at the mic is like the place get like oh, yeah
We get that, we get that, we get that globe.

Take a look, my story probably will never make it to the books, but it’s still important.
Tell of a giant that used to sit doorman
Cause I was reliant on people that I saw wouldn’t support.
And I was poor and the sorrows of my pity
Rolling through my city, waiting on a mystery to hit me.
Epiphany d, then I lid it
Fire or desire, rewire to achieve higher
Speak by with the clean tires
Doin dirt while they moving work,
My words moving, sounds of the universe.
But we don’t talk it, we do it first,
With no regard for who it hurts
D and A out a genius.
I write a stupid verse and make it sound brilliant
Taking down buildings, king kong, sing songs to high ceilings
Savage bros brought in civilized living
Going time given, I rhyme different
Never with a side shifting, stay true.
Fake is what I can’t do, so make room
In the conversation with the great sum.
On the sees that we make bloom
Win as God children, take over the building
I used to be a villain and now I’m just chilling
I don’t move to the cake moves
Sum it up, we can’t lose.

When me at the mic is like the place get like oh, yeah
We get that, we get that, we get that globe.

I work with what I have, sometimes is not enough,
Crush the mic like a brush and paint the city up
Pour it in reserve, higher than a gang of birds,
Rocking, fitted cap, start to jack, is the Gucci first.
I’m drinking weed like I never knew the verse
I hold the palm in my universe
Dropping knowledge like my brain is about to burst
Turn up the decibel until it hurts
Working till the people write in my check and move the desk
Because my rhymes hit you later like an edible
Next level like an elevator, going up,
That’s what is going down, okay that line was lazy, bro
The realest dude design the sky and I hold my tride in
Like Poseidon, summerging in some violence.
And all you see is four rappers going dummy
With Karriem banging drums like the energizer bunny.
Oh no, wait, I’m not finished, I blew up all my tires
And my brakes is still mousquitish
But shit, I can kill these fucking beats speaking guiddish
If you wanna come and book me, speak to witness.
This last support for you rappers is diminished
You’re scared of my talks, cause I’m beating like a gremlin.
Thanks giving every day, no ceiling, bitch.