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Post War Years Lost Winter Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2013 06:42:21 AM

There no are seasons left,
We are lost in the winter, lost in the winter.
There's no home for the anyone,
We are lost in the winter, lost in the winter.
Running time it's the sun that show
Will be hiding from someone, under the covers
There's a feelin' flow in rivers, rivers.
Now a broken, frozen, river
Everywhere we reach it for life
Broken in time
I'll be the teases
Callin' inside
As you enter in the plains
You are calling witches
As you try through the sun demands
You press with the shallow, your head will pollow
Seconds minutes all his life
No tell left to follow
There's a feelin' flow in river, rivers
Now a broken frozen river,river, river
Eyes we were open, reachin for life
Brokening time
Ooooo, ooooooh, ooooooh.
As we are lovin, reachin' for life
Walking in time
.. can matress distance and sadness
I'll be the teases
Calling inside
These as
Calling inside