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Progress Live Wires Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 09:51:37 AM

Do anything at any given time
A live wire, you need niggas like that around

I’m back on my Nick Cage
And leaving lies faggots ways
And 5th the Irish whiskey, Hooker
With the heart of gold and a bag of haze
Fuck swag, Slainy got her stagging on the aggravate
Attitude when executed, violently these faggots ain't apparently
I prove too much of force to be held
Won the war but unfortunately cost me as well
If I’m buying them I’m buying no one force me to sell
I maim in the name of heaven, till I’m scorching in hell
My life is lived amongst the chosen, my gifts I possess
But I’m mischief obsessed, stuck with all the sick shit, I guess
Years ago I had a death wish with a pistol, depressed
And I ain’t have nothing but trust me, I done risked it for less
Now my story is told, is urban legend of those
Who live in the cold, cocaine drips in they nose
And I suppose I have rose, above most of my foes
Look me in the eyes, it’s like being close to the a ghost

I keep shit gutter, I don’t be doing them dances
My flow similar to front doors, put you in trances
Raised on 90’s rap, so whenever I perform
You hear hip hop in its pure form
2-3 defense, I am in the zone
Even when I am one deep, I am not alone
What that there means? I’m riding with the chrome
My dogs co signed, like I’m applying for a loan
Still mad cats from the same hood I represent me
You think they would represent me
But I took a pound, couple rounds lay them suckers down
Never stuck my dick in the circle, nah, I don’t fuck around
Lift skirts like a female thief
On these internet gangsters who email beef
You dying to get some of these figures
Too much bread, you never calculate to sum up these figures

Time is up, my time is now
Seen the, wanna be thugs, the all day dreamers
Niggas get beat up, in 1-9-2 when we meet up
Hostage the leader, while we roll the weed up
Niggas never earn stripes like Adidas
I rep my block, give a fuck who don’t need us
12 cribs holding heaters
Millimeters will put your feet up
Like passing through with the vacuum cleaner
I’ma brew street warrior, that’s my damn team
Professional shooters with good aim no beam
Always on the scene, spittin more than 16
While niggas at home tryina keep they sneaks clean
Niggas act tough but they scared inside
Ship one off, you be the first to testify
Supposed to be real, the fuck happened to your pride?
Claiming that you ride, when you scared nigga, petrified

Ain’t no struggle with that progress
God bless these bars I orchestrate
While y’all rest, uses terminology to leave 'em Slain honest
Money wasn’t easy, my family Nicky from breast
Pest control slept with rats and roach, home infested
Got with a slick click quick with chose to throw a message
Poems, epics, to know to show the homies exits
It’s ain’t just trap or die, rappers my magnify-ing glass
At last, I see it’s bigger than my add, deeper than death
From out the speaker let, my voice, livewire
Electrify the set, good choice of the poorest populated
If I in the bar players, press play and zoom
Let the rhythm consume and take ya
Where outta space is loom haters no room I gave ya
I write these bars like I’m still in the bottom rotting
Niggas relate, a alikes, can’t be forgotten

A true live wire, inspired by my society
Driving through the city, police checks sobriety
My EBT card my form of ID
Cook like George Foreman, perform like Ali
L-I-V-E wire to the wire tap, marijuana medicine
Fire water dime or tap yeah I made this beat
But you won’t see a dime of that
I’m stacking up my cream and I ain’t even tryina rap
I’m tryina act, make beats, direct videos
Run a rap label and stay hood political
Live like the third rail chemo ill
Kill em all, cause dead man sing no tales
If you got a big gun but you ain’t down to shoot it
Just find you a live wire, the block’s always recruiting
I’m stupid with getting loose, shooters stay in my crew
Cause Lucifer's in my roots, bring death to y’all too.

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