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SMTH Last Straw Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:28:23 PM

Aha, aha, aha
Now what y'all wanna do?
Wanna be, centamese smitty coley on the'
Grinding all week, same shit on the weekend
If life is a pool, then I'm jumping off the deep end.
Peep my back stroke, hit it till her back broke
She gave me head lock, make that kitty cat choke.
Shawty I'm the man, more dapper then them
Say my name twice like Duran Duran.
That's the law of the land, got the road through my hands
Tony Montana, no coke, just rhyming grammar.
Dodging the slammer, they say I'm guilty by my skin tone
But I've never been to jail, yeah I've been home.
Non-authentic, I've been closed,
No maid lays a plate, play kid I've been grown.
Now let me demonstrate, I've never been afraid,
Man, you're fucking with a renegade.
I'm eons beyond whatever you rather be on
Smoother than Billy D, yeah I'm cooler than Freon
I'm major, these perpetrators are about to get exposed
Gotta' and know what this is, is the rhythm to my soul.
Let them know please somebody let them know,
You going against the brain, boo that's the wrong way to go
I'm to legit to quit,
We ain't moving on the same route with my units in the mix
I, wear you better stay out
Anny issue my riders will come and get you
My clique is official, they never tickle
They breaking bone bristles
I hear a lot of talking when I turn my back
But when I turn around, they.. they don't say Jack.
You better just lay flat, we don't ask we just take that
Know some killers that will kill you for eight stacks
Mentality of a runaway salve,
We're alive, but we digging our own grave.

I said hats off and let this be the last straw
I'm sick and tired of having to sneak in through the back door
Scratch that I'm sick of tired of being a sick and tired
How you not going to give me mine, every time I rip a line?
I haven't seen the limelight, in a right mind
Rappers base their careers off of white lies
A ghost writer is been lucky,
Is so nice any every time he spits a line there's no concept.
You're not sick, you're looking for a day off
And I'm losing sight of the game, call me Ray Charles
Got me thinking, I should try to go awol
And randomly slide into first, so let's play ball!
I stand ready with a Louisville slugger
And a great amount of courage that few can still muster.
Cause I'm nice, and I was forced to shine
Grab your aviator shades keep your pupils still covered!
People still love it, cause I'm showing differences
The difference is when it spit I'm actually making sense.
Stay synonymous to syllabic lyricists
Looking for radio play and their making hits.
Nonconformity what all of you conforming to
Your fan base is screaming death of the auto tune.
I would form crowds, if I was inaudible
And rap losing out, so I chose to applaud the few.
Who stay part of it, didn't become narcissists
That beef about cars, whips and is efficient arguments
I order these celebrities who are pouring Cristal
And probably get their lines from a starter, get their...
Super heroes with drape capes and face paints
Putting stars getting checked, fake bapes
Grab your AK's, we're looking for some weight slaves
When we drop we bring the dynamite, JJ!
I been here to provide them facts
But you like sing-a-longs and campfire raps.
The difference between you and I is that
I can rap and I don't brag about designer bags
Besides the fact that these guys are whack
It took me fifteen minutes just to write this track.
Tell me how you liking that, bitch?