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DJ Suss One Last Day (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2013 05:35:17 AM

Yeah, suss one, they can’t fuck with us
Unstoppable, mafia

Can I live to my last day, drop top in the fast lane
Duckhoes tryina trap me, and I only care half way
I’ma get mine nigga, black mass way

What’s beef to you, I’m out here, these little niggas don’t care
Shawty just copped the 3.5 and he feeling like he all the way live
Pushing this hard he like watch, I’m all the way rise
Ship 2, think he all the way nas
Little blood nigga, all the way 5
Can’t tell him nothing, push the wrong button
My lil nigga bucking, the hood I fuck it
Come through fronting, and get justice
But wait it, chicago style, fuck you up nigga throw your brush
It’s the mafia, roll with the rush,
Rode us, yep I know we tough,
This ain’t a gimmick, when I’m done rappin
My gangsters don’t finish
See my son clap, and these rappers don’t lib it
They fibbit, little frog niggas, I call em ribbit
Make point and I’ma give it

You already know what it’s about
When I run up in your house
Big gun, non chat, now you wanna talk it out
Where the money, ain’t nothing else to be talking bout
Hide the body, no crime scene to be chalking out
No enditment, no judge, jury or lawyers out
Do my 12, dump you then I’m walking out
Boy I’m the prototype not the protégé
My boy got that crystal rock, crystal notege
D boy staping for that paper like a noteree
I’m mining circles up like a rollerblade
Them young boys do it cause I said so
Get your whole team clipped, now you bled so
I run niggas from digits with to threadmill
Run giddy, you give it and get left still
And I solemnly swear, bitch niggas go and disappear, it’s the mob in here

[Hook] x 2
Can I live to my last day, drop top in the fast lane
Duckhoes tryina trap me, and I only care half way
I’ma get mine nigga, black mass way

My mind on defeating you clowns, don’t speak to me now
Won’t sleep till I put all you peeps in the clouds
I’m radical, dope boy fresh on sabatical
Post on the block cause you left it like the amiral
We don’t rob waves, the mafia tsunami
We don’t salami with punamis
We just cool, both gotties on guard with the shotties
The back wants to kill you, these suckers as a party
I’ma live forever, I’m immortal
Living martyr, built off cocaine, bricks and mortar
Fuck the more cheese, I throw dick in they daughters
Bitch fell in love with my dick, I never call her
This is slaughter, wonder of push
Hell no, I get you stuck like velcrow
Off people’s elbow, you freel hoes
Taking porches on top of your copes with the jail pose

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Who the fuck wanna squeeze?
My desert ease make bitches bleed
You waking up in a puddle that you peed
You see me in your dreams
I can hear the bitch in your voice when you scream
Nightmares, when you panic I get closer
Blade in my hand if you flinch I’m gonn poke you
Soldier, gun coped ready to unload
You ain’t no luck, be bishops up like own shows
Hood nigga, my name ringing on both coast
Actress, singer, I fucked both those
Rose gold, white diamonds on a club night
White bitch in my coup screaming thug life
One price, if you want it, then you pay for it
You want it, then you willin to get slain for it
At his house, grab his mouth, put tape on it
Milk carton yeah, we gonn put his face on it
Bully ones, tattos and a skull cap
I’m a fucking bad dude, boy you heard that?
Breath takers, neck breakers, earth quakers
Move makers, real shakers, we get paper
We not faking, keep playing, we ain’t playing
Duck nigga, who said we ain’t spraying
I’m who you idolize, idolize
The same one that get you smacked when you out of line
Pistol whip pussies, push fingers in pussies
Think you got a crown but you just king to the pussies
Even in the dark of my …you couldn’t put me
Eyes closed in front of my hoes you couldn’t whip me
No tint, scarface nigga you see me
No fear, these bitch niggas is pee pee
Cross me, you end up paying the price
I drop kick, karate chop your wind pipe
Pop bottles and pop models that pop molly
I’m beeing watched by the same feds that got gotty
We uptown on the roof, we shot on watch papi
Outside with the trench coat, and long shottie
Donw south in the trap with my lil bitch
She said boy you got guns bigger thatn lil twist
Black gold, black flags and black, oh shit, damn nigga
That’s it, mafia!