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Joey Fatts Karma Lyrics

Last updated: 11/29/2013 06:39:01 AM

I'm on my way home, my block, I roll my pocket full of stones
Yeah, the nickel play the dime
I'm on my way home, always travel alone
And that dead nigga tryna take mine I'm on my way
Strapped up like a dyke bitch, take a pussy nigga ice quick, that's life shit
'Cause these guns, they for show, boy 40 shoot your face
That's your fro, boy, I'm letting niggas know, boy
Got this two way crib, you know my name, you know my game
And if you got a problem you know I serve my cane
And on the long way that you coming make sure you come with your thing
I'm not for the games, ok, switch subjects, I'm balling hard, these bitches love me
I just fuck 'em, they fuck 'me, I gotta get this money
Robbing nigga for his cash and pay my ties on Sunday
Lord, should I be worried about karma? If I'm robbing shit to give you my dollars
'and the furthest that I got was the stock room
Screaming fuck my boss, I'mma be home soon
Same nigga used to slain weed, home room, hustle hard 'cause I gotta have a home to go home to
So tell me what I gotta lose, nigga
I'm on the block with my niggas that's down to pop a few hiccups
Come about the fucking jewels, nigga
Every day we play the post like we sinning, we pray to God 'cause we sinners
We getting money like a Jew, nigga
Only a few niggas that I trust, a few niggas that will buzz
But still every time I ride I keep my 45 tucked down'
Making my watch shine but still ain't got the time rough
If it ain't about money you seek us, when I was broke all you niggas were fucking with me
I die for what I own before a nigga take something from me
I did a lot of shit so I think karma coming for me
Karma, how you doing? My name is Joey, I like to blow trees from the east side
'late drinking 40s, making music, the only option on me
Still I TTG, leaving niggas wholly
Karma, I heard about you, you tryna fuck me, I'm tryna fuck you, too
You be fucking everybody, girl, but I don't give a fuck tonight
I got my ham tucked tonight 'the enemy shot the block up the other day'